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Vets Roll Imac Vets Roll IPad Vets Roll IPhone is a non-profit organization that raises funds for an annual bus trip to Washington D.C. for 200 WWII and Korean War veterans and ‘Rosie-the-Riveters.’ Community donations allow these honored guests to be transported free of cost every May preceding Memorial Day weekend.

Vets Roll Before
Vets Roll Before

Each year, we donate our web design services to one community organization in the surrounding area, as well as discounted rates on website design and hosting services to non-profit groups. The VetsRoll organization was looking to improve their website from a traditional government look and feel to something that is engaging, honoring the highlights of the trip and the heroes embarking on it.

To bring this meaningful trip to the forefront of the site, we implemented large hero images at the top of the homepage that show a different image each time a user visits. This is a simple way to keep the homepage looking fresh. Over the hero image, we placed a callout for the ‘trip application’, making it easier to find and increasing potential applicants. We also improved navigation and a potential increase in event attendees by giving the events section a more prominent placement on the homepage. Larger images of the activities, monuments and overall experience, help to create more excitement for veterans and volunteers alike. “Donation’s” callouts, once located solely on the Donations page, are now placed in several prominent areas on the site.

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Vets Roll After
Vets Roll After
Vets Roll Phone
Vets Roll Phone

At their advanced age, many veterans and civilian volunteers of this era may not use cell phones, however for those that do, our mobile responsive version of has a vastly improved user experience. Younger volunteers and those looking to donate and attend fund raising events will now enjoy the ease of navigating important information and the ability to download useful forms.

Vets Roll Menu

For a better user experience, we created large destination tiles with rollover functionality, giving a brief description of the highlights of the trip.

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