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Advanced Solutions for Manufacturing Websites

At Foremost Media, we understand that your manufacturing website needs to do so much more than just look pretty. In fact, we have extensive experience working with a wide variety of different types of manufacturers, including some of the most widely recognized names in manufacturing today.

It's not uncommon to find us at trade shows across the country visiting our clients and learning more about their respective industries. We have worked with and understand the needs of manufacturers that sell through distribution as well as direct. We can help guide you through the challenges of selling direct online or setting up ordering systems for your distributor network. Let us help navigate you to website solutions that allow you to cut cost and increase profitability.

Below are just a few of the tools and functionality we have developed over the years for our manufacturing client base:

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Distributor Locator Tools

A database or locator tool of retail locations or distributors placed on your website can help eliminate phone calls and increase sales from your dealers and distributors. Find out more about dealer locator tools from Foremost Media. A store locator helps site visitors quickly find nearby locations that sell your products. This locator requires the end users to select the product and enter their zip code. The locator will return the nearest locations that sell the product. The locator is updated easily via an excel upload in the admin section of the website.

Lead Management Tools

The Lead Management tool is designed specifically for manufacturing companies that sell through distribution. Our software can automatically route leads from your website directly to your regional sales managers, who in turn can funnel the leads to a specific distributor in their region. However, we don't stop there. Our system can also help your sales team follow up with those leads, ensuring that your distributors are taking advantage of the leads you are sending them. An easy to use dashboard allows you to review lead statuses and even get a feel for how many leads are being generated and closed from your last trade show.

Marketing Automation Tools

Foremost Media offers a cloud-based marketing automation platform that is able to identify and qualify leads based on their online actions.

Online warranty Registration Software

If you're still collecting warranty information through the mail there is a better way. Let us help you set up an online warranty registration system. These systems can be as simple as collecting basic information and providing it to you via email, to advanced features like CRM integration and hooks into marketing automation software allowing you to send follow up messages and upgrade notices to your customers.

Document Management Systems

If you are a manufacturer with lots of sell sheets, MSDS sheets or other documentation that needs to be organized and constantly updated a document management system on your website from Foremost Media may be for you. Our document management systems allow you to organize your important business documents into windows like folders and easily manage revisions and access to these documents online.

Marketing Repositories

Are you constantly sending logo files and marketing collateral to your distribution network or sales team? If so, a marketing repository may be a valuable addition to your website. With a marketing repository, you can grant access to the public or just specific members to browse and download high-resolution marketing materials and product logos without having to set up FTP accounts and the like.

Custom Request for Quote Forms

A good call to action is of paramount importance to a manufacturing website. With a well-designed request for quote form from Foremost Media, we can help you engage visitors and turn them into prospects.

Product Demo Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth ten thousand words. Properly produce and place product and service videos can help you turn shoppers into buyers and significantly shorten the sales cycle. Foremost Media has many different solutions to allow you to add video to your website as well as promote that video online.

Configuration Calculators and Applications

Does your product require specific types of set up or configurations to function at maximum efficiency? Let us build you a tool to help your customers easily configure or set up your product.

Online Safety Training

Do you need to train your end users on how use your equipment or machinery safely? If so, we can help you reduce training costs by setting up an online safety training for your product line. We can even issue certificates of completion for customers completing an online safety course and test.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is so effective and so inexpensive that an entire industry has emerged to support it. Here at Foremost Media, we can help you target, produce and send emails that are opened and acted upon. We have run successful email campaigns for hundreds of manufacturers from trade show invites to multi-email acquisition campaigns. We can help you increase the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Manufacturer eCommerce Solutions

Whether you're a name brand manufacturer looking to sell direct online or your company is looking to simplify the online ordering process with your distributors though a secure online ordering portal, we can help. Foremost Media has extensive experience in both strategizing and building online eCommerce solutions for manufacturers. We can also help you tie your new storefront software into your back-end ERP and other internal business management systems.

Tradeshow Event Marketing

Manufacturing trade shows can be an expensive endeavor. Let us help you get the most return on investment out of your next trade show with specially designed campaigns to attract visitors to the booth all the way through the post show follow up.

Social Media Solutions for Manufacturers

Let's face it, for many manufacturers, it's hard to manage social media profiles. In addition to constantly coming up with fresh content, you need to monitor your social properties and respond to social media messages. Foremost Media has a team of social media experts in-house, including copywriters and we can help you implement and execute a social media plan for your business.

Replacement Parts Ordering Systems with Schematic Drawings

Let us help you build an online replacement parts ordering system for your product line. Imagine your customer being able to find their machine and drill right into a schematic drawing of the different parts to identify the part they wish to order and then order that part right from that line drawing page. That technology is more than just a dream; we can help you implement it.

Phone and Tablet Apps For Manufacturing

Engage customers, help your sales team find the information they need while in the field or even put your manuals in a phone app. Let us build your manufacturing company a phone application to reduce your communication costs or engage your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

If you're like most manufacturing companies you probably get solicitations from a new SEO company almost daily. Those companies all say about the same thing: "We can make you #1 on Google..." If only SEO was that simple. Success on the web starts with getting the right traffic to your site then converting that traffic to a lead or buyer. We have extensive experience in providing search engine marketing services to industrial companies. We can even help you navigate through the complex task of multilingual online marketing.

Co-op Online Advertising for Distributors

Do you provide co-op advertising dollars to your distributors? Let us help you develop and execute an online marketing plan for your distributors to help them promote your products online. From distributor email marketing programs to full blown distributor co-branded shopping carts we have helped distributors around the world with these types of programs. Let's discuss your needs today.

Robust Product Catalogs

If your company has a large product catalog with lots of different SKU's let us help you organize and display that data in an easy to navigate catalog. We have built catalogs with robust photo display capabilities, and can even do integrations with internal systems that make future updates easy.

CRM Integration

Does your company use a CRM software like Salesforce? We have experience passing web forms like request for quotes or literature request to third party or internal systems. Let us help you cut down on double data entry and ensure that contacts from your website are managed and responded to properly.

AdWords Management

Foremost Media has years of experience managing Pay Per Click campaigns on both Google and Bing. Let us help you increase your PPC campaign ROI by reducing your per cost clicks and increasing your conversion rates. In most cases, we have been able to more than offset our management fees by increasing your ROI on these types of campaigns. We are happy to provide a no obligation review of your current campaign and even provide you some insight into what your competition is spending on their PPC campaigns.

Product Photo and Video Galleries

If a single picture is worth a thousand words imagine what a robust product photo gallery or videos of your product could do to differentiate your product from the competition. Let us build you an easy to manage photo or video gallery for your product line.

Event Registration Calendaring

Does your company have training classes or customer events that require registration? Let us build you an event planner and registration module. With event planner, we can display events in a calendar or event list view, show event locations via Google maps and allow users to register and take online payments for upcoming events! With this module, you can turn your website into a fully functioning event or training booking system.

Corporate Blog

Corporate blogging is a popular strategy for companies wishing to generate more search engine traffic. Not only can we help you build your blog, but also help you create the content to achieve your marketing goals with our in house copy writing and inbound marketing team.