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Marketing Automation Software

Manufacturers are seeing an increasing amount of end users who are researching, comparing and selecting suppliers through anonymous web based searching. Foremost Media offers a cloud-based marketing automation platform that is able to identify and qualify leads based on their online actions. Marketing automation uses technology that helps you determine the stage of the buying process your customers are in, and guide them to the next stage until they eventually buy your product. Implementing an automated distributor workflow campaign can guarantee you stay top-of-mind with every distributor in your network. The marketing automation solution from Foremost Media can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies already in place, by integrating your website and email campaigns with every aspect of your existing marketing strategy.

Visitor Identification
  • See detailed information about who visits your website.
  • Receive valuable contact information, such as their email and phone number – without the visitor providing it!
  • Obtain greater lead intelligence by capturing behavioral information on each visit.
  • Run personalized email campaigns to segmented lists
  • Receive dynamic auto reports within 24 hours.
  • Choose from a wide-range of text and HTML templates or build your own with a simple WYSIWYG editor – no coding knowledge required.
  • Create and manage all of your email campaigns through the user-friendly interface.
  • Personalize the email with dynamic content based on the individual recipient.
  • Automatically CAN-SPAM compliant and helps to make sure the emails are getting into their inbox with email authentication, spam analysis and email testing.
Landing Pages
  • An intuitive What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), interface for designing and deploying landing pages without any HTML coding necessary.
  • Input text, graphics, videos, call-to-action buttons and forms.
  • Landing pages are published in minutes without the need for any web team support.
  • Showcase new product launches with a custom landing page for that product.
Social Media
  • Save time by publishing your content on all of your social media platforms from one location.
  • Analytics to help you better monitor and engage with current social community.
Onsite Chat
  • Offer live chat options on your website.
  • Invite others to chat to eliminate the time spent monitoring unresponsive chats.
  • Plan, automate, monitor and optimize complex, multi-step, trigger-based lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Reduce human error and take the manual labor out of educating a lead from the information gathering stage of the buying process all the way through purchasing.
  • Allow sales reps to stay top-of-mind with prospects over a longer period of time automatically.
  • Provide the right information when the lead needs it with drip programs that are triggered by user interaction.
  • Develop onboarding campaigns that are completely hands-off and automated to allow for better retention.
  • Easily stay top-of-mind with distributors seamlessly with automated workflows.
  • A powerful application for conversion, consisting of pop-up tabs and includes built-in analytics.
  • Offers the flexibility to serve up and display different promotional offers and web assets across multiple pages to website visitors.
  • Display dynamic and personalized custom content based on target segment, geography and website behavior history.
Lead Scoring
  • An integral part of any modern lead management solution
  • Score and prioritize your leads based on a prospect's identity, web activity and buying intent, allowing you to quickly assess their sales readiness.
  • Clarify what exactly constitutes a high quality sales lead to increase the productivity and efficiency of marketing and sales departments.
  • Identify interest and intent by focusing on both explicit and implicit data.
CRM Integration Seamlessly integrates with
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • NetSuite
  • SugarCRM
  • Zoho
  • Give your sales team valuable insights to help them close more deals.

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