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Online Warranty Registration

Traditional mail in warranty registration programs are be both time consuming and costly to maintain. With traditional product warranty registration programs, you not only have to print the warranty registration cards and put them with your product offerings, but you typically end up paying for postage back and the additional labor required to input the data received back into your CRM or warranty database. Warranty Registration is a great way for manufacturers selling through distribution to figure out who their end users are as well. Give us a call today and let's discuss your goals, strategy and implementation of your online warranty registration program.

Foremost Media can help you develop an online warranty registration program that allows you to quickly and cost effectively receive registrations back. Additionally, the software can help you manage the incoming registrations, allowing your staff to find and process warranty registrants and claims quickly, as well as digitally market future upgrades or product enhancements to existing customers

Key Features:
Accept Digital Warranty Registrations

No more data entry or sorting through paper files when a warranty claim arises.

Ability to Market To Customers

Our warranty databases can be used as an email-marketing tool for customers on upgrades to existing products, recalls etc.

Mobile Friendly

Short codes or quick link enabled landing pages from your product manuals, allow visitors to quickly get to the registration and complete it even if they are on a mobile device.

Repair Management Systems

We have built software to help companies manage product repairs by setting up systems that allow customers with a broken product to print return labels, estimate costs of repairs, pay for repairs, check status of current repair work and even check to see what is covered by warranty. If manufacturer direct repair is a big part of your business, let us help you streamline that process with an online repair/warranty management system.

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