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Phone and Tablet Apps For Manufacturers

Manufacturers and distributors that are looking for ways to engage customers and help their sales teams find the information they need in the field are quickly embracing tablet and phone applications, many are even putting their manuals in a phone app.

Example Applications:

DeVilbiss - Spray Gun Tool

The DeVilbiss Auto Refinishing Spray Gun App allows the user to compare the DeVilbiss line of spray guns to help them find the right gun for the job as well as find the right settings based on the type of paint they are spraying. The app also features detailed line drawings and parts lists for some of the most popular DeVilbiss guns. This app works on iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices

Powder Coatings Institute Liquid vs. Powder Cost Estimator

We recently created an application for the Powder Coating Institute that to help end users figure out Liquid vs. Powder Paint Costs. This tool not only promotes the savings that are achievable with powder coating technology, but also helps end users determine their coverage needs and more.

Loveshaw Distributor Application

The Loveshaw distributor application allows company distributors with proper authentication the ability to log in and create custom quotes, read service bulletins, watch product videos and check pricing and inventory. The tool includes features to allow sales representatives to show presentations on how their capital equipment works right on the tablet to perspective clients. This particular application is only available for iPad, and is only usable by verified dealers with proper log in credentials. Another benefit of this type of application is unlike a printed price sheet the application can be disabled by Loveshaw if a distributor or employee is no longer working with the company.

Additional phone and tablet application examples for manufacturing and industrial companies:

  • Equipment manual applications
    A great solution compared to printing expensive manuals for complex equipment. The application manual can feature a video on how to operate, maintain or change settings on the equipment and even tie in to ordering for wear parts, upgrades or consumables.

  • Equipment monitoring applications
    Applications that communicate with the manufacturer's equipment in order to run or monitor the health of the equipment. This type of application can tie into online ordering or even call a repair person on its own.

  • Inventory management applications
    Allow the sales team or customers to check inventory and pricing with a secure application.

  • Product scanning applications
    Create an application for shipping and receiving products or raw materials using the device's camera to scan bar codes or QR Codes and sending that information back to an ERP system.

  • Quality control and inspection application
    Create an application that your quality control team uses to document or records their process.

  • Parts ordering and allocation
    Allow customers to order products with a tablet right on the factory floor. Some manufacturers are even placing QR Codes or scannable codes on new equipment that the application can scan and takes the customer directly to the repair manual or online ordering.

  • Training or Certification Applications
    Does your manufactured equipment require training or certifications to operate? Foremost Media can develop an application that provides that training on a tablet and can even provide testing and certification issuance.

  • Service Request Applications
      Let us create an application that allows your customers to find the nearest repair facility or set up an appointment for repair right from their mobile device.

  • MSDS sheet access and management
    Do your company's products require you to make MSDS sheets readily available to your clients? If so, a MSDS management and retrieval application could help you cut down on the administrative, printing and distribution costs associated with paper MSDS distribution.

  • Work Order Requests
    Let us create an application for employees to request repairs or maintenance at your facility, and allows your maintenance team to schedule and manage their workload.

  • Product Configuration Applications
    Does your equipment require different types of set up depending on the application? If so, a product configuration app could help your customers get the right settings or configuration to match the job requirements, which in turn, cuts down on support calls and increases customer satisfaction.

These are just a few examples of applications that can be useful to manufacturing companies. Let us help you solve your business challenges with an application custom designed to fit your needs.

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