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Camplex is a leading US provider of fiber optic cable solutions and accessories for the Broadcast, Pro-Audio, and Pro-AV markets. As a division of Tower Products Incorporated, Camplex has experienced strong growth in the television production, sports, educational, and government markets.


Being a leading manufacturer in fiber optic solutions, Camplex was looking to tell their story by giving the website a more modern and high-tech look. A dated sitemap with poor navigation was making it hard to find products and needed to be addressed. The site also needed a configuration tool for customers to select product features without having to navigate through a large amount of product pages.

To give the website a more branded look and feel, we took the “X” design in the Camplex logo and placed it in several areas around the site. You can see traces of the “X” in the header of each category, in the design of the buttons in the Featured Products section and superimposed behind the product segment tiles. These product segment tiles focus on six key segments and were brought to life through a combination great imagery and bright colors that adhere to the company’s branding guidelines.


To alleviate the issue of a customer having to search through several pages to find the exact product they’re looking for, we developed an easy-to-use configurator. Now a customer can go to one product page and select configurations such as cable length, SMPTE Connector and Breakout Connector. Built to emulate an ecommerce checkout experience, the configurator allows a user to Get a Quote or Add to Project List, which is designed to resemble the website’s shopping cart.


When updating the sitemap, we created a resource center with improved navigation. The accordion structure helps the user locate and download documents quickly and easily. Categories include manuals, datasheets and a video gallery.


Additionally, the redesign includes an attractive mobile responsive experience with a hamburger navigation menu. This mobile version allows users to easily browse products and take advantage of the newly implemented configurator.

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“We are very happy and proud of the results, your team has been instrumental in guiding us and assisting us in our vision. We are excited, we have lessons learned to apply to future builds, and are hopeful that we continue our partnership for future developments on the table.

FYI - We did due diligence to find other options, 1 cheaper, 1 more, 1 who could deliver the world for a million $$- But Foremost offered professionalism, clear understanding of our concepts, and confidence in the deliverable- All without over doing anything. That's a tough balance, you should be proud of your team too!”

Dan Coscarella

Director of Broadcast Technology & Sales