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General Metal Engraving


For nearly 50 years General Metal Engraving has set the standard in excellence for metal rotary dies from custom design, to precision tooling to production implementation. Over 25 years ago, General Metal Engraving founder Sarkis Kumjian pioneered an engineering marvel: the vacuum die. He saw an industry wide problem, eliminating web waste, and developed this innovative solution.

GME Before GME Before

Today, GME continues to be the leader in vacuum and air-eject dies but they could see that their website was looking dated and did not give the impression that GME still manufactures the best rotary dies in the world. Instead they felt their website gave them the look of a “mom and pop” shop and their content was conveying that GME only took on problems that other companies couldn’t solve.

GME’s first goal for the new redesign was to clearly convey the message that they are the best in the industry. And, although GME prides themselves on taking on projects that other companies are afraid to pursue, they also wanted to let potential customers know that there is no need to go anywhere else because GME can handle all of their customer’s needs.

The second goal for them was that once the user realized that GME can handle all of their rotary die needs, that it would be clear and easy to contact GME with what the potential client’s needs are.

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To help GME achieve their first goal, Foremost Media created a layout look and feel that is modern and user friendly with a bold use of text to deliver clear and succinct messages of GME’s quality and capabilities.

GME Layout GME Layout GME Layout

GME also has a wonderful gallery of photographs of their work. We found GME’s dies to be so intricate and attractive, we used several photos as design elements large and bold throughout the website and photo galleries on the interior product pages provide stunning visuals which complete the visual experience.

BW Die
BW Die
Air Eject Die

To help GME with their second goal of converting their message into action, almost every message on the homepage and the product pages has a callout button to request a quote or contact for general information. At the bottom of each page is a callout with the GME red as the background that urges the user to contact the company using a comfortable conversational tone rather than a harsh do it now statement. is now a much better representation of GME’s quality, industry competitiveness and customer service for years to come.

Poster Poster Poster

“Foremost does great work and everyone has been a pleasure to work with. I get the feeling I'm working with people who are not only experts in their field, but their customer service and communications are very clear and thorough.”

Garrik Kumjian

President, General Metal Engraving

These websites are client updateable and may no longer represent Foremost Media’s original design.