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Virtual Trade Shows.jpg The State of Virtual Trade Shows for Manufacturing Companies

We’ve all heard it. In these unprecedented times. Or how about the “new normal” we find ourselves living in? Or let’s really get the eyes rolling with “In these unprecedented times, tradeshows have to adapt to the new normal.” Still, reading? Good, because I promise we’ll keep this as free of these annoying cliches as we can. But the reality is, no matter how much we hate those terms, things are different now. For manufacturing companies, tradeshows have always been a big focal point. Bonuses were made on successful events. To have that pulled out from under a sales and marketing team seemed almost unimaginable. The same can be said for the organizations putting on the events. The lifeblood of these was coming up with ways to get as many attendees as possible to the events. Sure there has been a digital transformation over the years, but tradeshows weren’t going anywhere any time soon. Until they had to go away. With ...

Posted in: Manufacturing Marketing by Evan Facinger on November 18, 2020

zoom-bg.jpg Free Zoom Backgrounds For Your Next Meeting

Virtual meetings are the new normal. And while there isn't anything fun about the reason for this, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we are all adapting to the standardization of virtual meetings.  To help, our design team had a good time coming up with Zoom backgrounds you can download and use for free.  Choose your virtual living conditions Want to look like you’re in Don Draper’s office? What marketing company wouldn't love that?  Download this Mad Men style Zoom background.    Is your office extravagant and you are afraid your coworkers and customers will be jealous? No problem! Download this basement dungeon office, and you can guarantee that no one will be jealous. Full disclosure, this is someone’s home office at Foremost. Feel free to tweet us to guess who it is.    Are you not sure how a meeting will go and want a quick out? Download the same basement background with preinstalled tiling. That way, you ...

Posted in: General by Evan Facinger on April 16, 2020

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