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SEO Strategy vs. Business Directory Listing Is a Business Directory Right for You? Know and Track Your Options

Put your focus on search engine optimization? Pay to list your business in a large well-known directory? Target new leads through pay-per-click or email marketing campaigns? You need your business to be noticed, but what direction do you turn? And at what price, for what return on your investment? If only there were easy answers to all of those questions. The truth is, the answers to each are as unique as your company. While simply paying for a listing might pay off well for one company, another might generate almost no leads from a registry and find nearly all of its success from Google searches and ad campaigns. And for many companies, the answer is a combination of “all of the above.” This blog will hopefully help you understand your options and how to determine the best route for you.  What is ThomasNet and is it right for you? If your business-to-business company has been around 20 years or more, ...

Posted in: General, Manufacturing Marketing, Search Engine Optimization by Eric Schmoldt on August 17, 2021

Septic Cleaner Pay Per Click Case Study Keys To Building A Trusting, Successful PPC Campaign

Nobody likes a clog. For nearly four decades, one of Foremost Media’s clients (they asked to remain anonymous) has prided themselves on formulating and providing 100% natural biological products that keep things like septic tanks and wastewater treatment products running clear and smooth. When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, however, the company spent years running amok and needed to be unclogged. Through the first five months of 2021, their PPC campaigns are running smoothly, including a 55% jump in return on their advertising spend (ROAS) and an increase in overall revenue despite a 37.5% drop in money spent on PPC. Building Trust in PPC Campaigns From carefully selecting quality keywords and crafting solid campaigns to managing a budget and tracking results and progress in order to optimize the process, a lot goes into a PPC campaign. When you are a business owner, putting all that in the hands of someone else requires a great deal of trust. And in ...

Posted in: General, Online Advertising by Eric Schmoldt on July 12, 2021

blog-image-keyword-research1.jpg How Keyword Research Can Help Your Manufacturing Company

So you’re in a manufacturing industry and you understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is important, but you’d like to know more. At Foremost Media, we’re here to help. We can dive as deep into SEO as you and your company want to go.  For now, let’s start with one of the foundational principles of SEO: keyword research. At its roots, “keyword” sounds simple and straightforward, right? It’s an important (“key”) term (“word”) that a customer or user might think of to describe your company, product, service, or industry. But there’s much more to keywords than their simple definition. In a sense, Foremost’s marketing team is in the manufacturing business, as well. Keyword research is the foundation for everything else in our SEO efforts. And so one of our top goals is to help our customers by manufacturing successful keywords that will help drive traffic to their websites and produce leads to new clients. Let’s take a closer look ...

Posted in: Manufacturing Marketing, Search Engine Optimization by Eric Schmoldt on May 19, 2021

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