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YouTube app on phone with blog article title graphic Ads Are Showing Up On My YouTube Videos! Now what?

In the last 10-plus years, we’ve worked with a lot of companies to develop robust YouTube channels to showcase their products or brands.  For as long as I can remember, YouTube has had a partner program that has allowed creators to place ads on their videos and monetize them. But up until recently, marketers that didn’t want ads on their videos were able to upload their videos and embed them in their websites without ads appearing.  That has started to change recently. According to YouTube Help documentation “Ads may appear on your uploaded videos even if you haven’t monetized the videos yourself.” So what does this mean for brands that are not trying to monetize their videos?  I guess that depends on if you are a glass-half-empty or a glass-half-full kind of person.   Pros and cons of this change If you have a competitor that is heavily invested in YouTube video, you could target them and run ads on ...

Posted in: General, News, Online Advertising by Colton Mosley on December 6, 2021

Website page with ADA compliance article You Received a Letter for an ADA Website Compliance Violation: What to do Next

Apex Trial Law continues to disseminate letters to website owners based on ADA compliance violations. Many small businesses without large budgets may be in violation of these accessibility requirements without even knowing it.  If you received a letter from Apex Trial Law or another law firm concerning ADA website compliance, it can be concerning and confusing. However, these lawsuits are getting more and more common. In 2017, 816 ADA Title III lawsuits were filed, but that number jumped to 2,200 cases in just the next year. These lawsuits are only continuing to grow, so don’t feel ashamed if you receive a demand letter — you just need to know how to fix the problem.  First of all, don’t panic. We’ll point out some of the factors that could have caused the delivery of the letter and direct you to a quality resource to optimize your site for ADA compliance with legal assurance.  ADA Compliance Factors Just like wheelchair ...

Posted in: General, Reputation Management, Web Development by Colton Mosley on October 20, 2021

manufacturing website on tablet with icons Duplicate Manufacturer Product Descriptions: Google’s Take

For manufacturing websites with a plethora of products, it may seem daunting to write separate descriptions for each and every product type, size, material, etc.  However, with Google’s private nature regarding penalties for duplicate content, many businesses with huge inventories were not sure if unique descriptions were necessary. After all, Google has mentioned in the past that they penalize users for duplicate content.  So, what’s the answer?  Luckily, John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, gave some insight into Google’s algorithm that judges duplicate content in a recent SEO Office Hours chat. Let’s get into his comments and what it means for your manufacturing site.  Duplicate Content Does Not Apply to Individual Products Mueller’s comments detailed that there in fact is no algorithmic penalty doled out for duplicate content under these circumstances. Here are Mueller’s full comments: “So there are two aspects here when it comes to duplicate content. “First of all, you don’t get a penalty for duplicate content. “So ...

Posted in: General, Manufacturing Marketing, News, Search Engine Optimization by Colton Mosley on October 12, 2021

apple mail security alert Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection is Coming: How to Prepare

In early June, Apple announced a variety of privacy protections that will be available for iOS 15 updates this fall. Among those protections is the Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) function that is causing email marketers to worry.  Mail Privacy Protection is an opt-in feature of iOS 15 that allows users to hide their IP address and privately load the content of any email they receive through the Apple Mail app.  Doesn’t seem so bad, does it? A little privacy never hurt an email marketer, right? Wrong, unfortunately. Email senders capture open data through an “open pixel” that is within the content of the email. If a user opens this content privately, marketers will be unable to determine when, or even if, it happened. Every email you send to Apple Mail will appear as “opened,” and location and open time will not be available.   But think about it, a 100% open rate! An email marketer’s wildest dream! Your ...

Posted in: Email Marketing, General, News by Colton Mosley on September 16, 2021

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