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Specify Alternate Text Business Description returns to Google

It’s back! Two years ago, Google decided to drop the ability for businesses to edit the business description field in its Google My Business listings. Well, you actually could edit it, but it was such a complicated series of steps that many business owners just didn’t bother. Now it’s “Description From the Business” This is a great addition to the SEO ranking portfolio that businesses can take advantage of – and if you aren’t taking advantage of your opportunities, the ranking-savvy staff at Foremost Media is standing by to help you out. But back to the description – the new description block will show up on business listings when your business appears in a Google search. This is different than the Google block of editorial copy that shows up as a summary at the top of the knowledge panels and the map listing, so it’s a new opportunity. And it’s important to note that by conservative estimates, Google has ...

Posted in: General, Search Engine Optimization by Stephen Cardwell on May 23, 2018

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