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Specify Alternate Text Foremost Media Now Offering Translation Services

JANESVILLE, WI - Companies interested in advancing their products or services into Spanish-speaking markets can go to a local firm for help. Foremost Media Inc., a full-service web design and web optimization company, is now offering translation services to assist large and small companies who want to gain exposure and increase their reach into Latin American markets. "There are language and graphic constraints if you just try and do a 'straight' translation from one language to another," explains Jon Ballard, chief executive officer of Foremost. With automated translation services offered by the major search engines, it's easy for businesses to lose control of their message. "Recently we discovered that an automated translation service had turned a client's safety seal cap manufacturing business into a whale hunting company," Ballard says. "Unless you speak the language, you really have no idea what you are presenting to a foreign audience." Foremost can make sure your website makes 'graphic' sense as well ...

Posted in: News by Tina Lenz-Mandt on March 7, 2013

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