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manufacturing website redesign illustration Website Redesigns For Manufacturers

If you are considering a website redesign, it may feel overwhelming at first. However, some careful planning will ensure that your new and improved site provides optimum user experience and increased sales or lead generation.  Set the Bar Before you begin your redesign, make sure to get a good idea of how your metrics are performing. Using a tool like Google analytics, analyze historical data like the number of visits to the website, amount of time spent on the website, form submissions and goal conversions, bounce rate, keyword rankings, and domain authority. If you do not have anything setup to measure metrics, make sure to do so immediately. Measuring the performance of your website, especially when transitioning to a new website, is crucial to your marketing efforts.  Define Your Audience and Goals It is important to determine what your goals are as a manufacturing company and how your website will help to accomplish these goals. Perhaps you want ...

Posted in: General, Web Development by Seth Clayton on October 7, 2019

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