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Are You Marketing Effectively Throughout The Buying Process? Are You Marketing Effectively Throughout The Buying Process?

The goal of inbound marketing is to attract your ideal visitors and ultimately convert them into delighted customers. It is imperative that you create buyer personas to make sure you are not only attracting qualified leads, but that you are also creating content that engages them. In order to move them from leads to customers, you need a thorough understanding of the buying process. There are five stages to the buying process, and as inbound marketers, we need to have a deep understanding of each stage. The relevancy of the content to the buyer persona is largely dependent on what stage they are currently at in the buying process. Understanding what stage they are in, will allow us to move them along in the buying process and eventually convert them into customers. The buying process is not anything new. John Dewey first introduced the concept in 1910. The stages are as follows: 1. Problem/Need Recognition 2. Information Search 3. ...

Posted in: Inbound Marketing by Jon Ballard on August 13, 2014

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