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Specify Alternate Text The Biggest Mistake You're Making On Pinterest

As a business on Pinterest, it can be difficult to determine what is best to pin to your boards. It is important to not only pin content from your own website, but to also repin and interact with your followers. It is not hard to find interesting things to repin on Pinterest, but....are you pinning good content? Too often pins are linking to misleading content. There is nothing worse for a Pinterest user than trying to find the recipe that is described in a pin and then being sent somewhere else after clicking on the link. Many pins will also describe interesting content in the description, but then link to a site that just tries to get user information. Below is an example of a recipe pin that links to the home page of a blog. Pins that link to content like this are confusing and frustrating for users. As a business on Pinterest, it is important ...

Posted in: Social Media by User on November 12, 2014

Specify Alternate Text Beware of the Poodle!

Two recent security issues in the web world have people talking. The first is The Poodle Attack that goes after SSL 3.0, and the second is the security flaw within Microsoft Office's PowerPoint program. What do these mean for you? The Poodle Attack What it is: Hackers have discovered a way into the outdated version of SSLv3. They trick systems into using less security so they are able to gain access to a user's passwords, private data and cookies off their computer. Who does this affect: This only affects those that are still using the SSL 3.0 version. Foremost Media clients do not need to worry. We use updated versions of SSLs that are not susceptible to this attack, therefore all of your information remains protected. Microsoft Security Flaw What it is: A security flaw within Microsoft Office, particularly in PowerPoint, that allows hackers to gain control of the user's computer. These hackers use an OLE, (Object linking or embedding) ...

Posted in: General by Online Marketing Team on October 28, 2014

Specify Alternate Text The First 5 Things Every Business Needs to do on Pinterest

5 Things Your Business Needs to do to get Started on Pinterst Make sure the you take the following first steps when setting up your Pinterest business account to ensure you are getting the most benefit out of your account. Set up a business account. Create your Pinterest account and make sure that you are registering as a business; this will provide you with more options to analyze the data and take advantage of the account. Create your business account here. Add the "Pin It" button to your site. Adding a "Pin It" button to your site will encourage website visitors to pin your products or content to their boards and will help increase exposure. Verify your site with Pinterest. Once you've set up your Pinterest business account you will have the option to "Verify" your website. This requires you to add a meta tag to your website in order to verify that you are the owner of ...

Posted in: Social Media by User on October 23, 2014

Specify Alternate Text Panda is Back!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting your website found. To do this, we have to be continuously monitoring Google updates and algorithm changes in order to see what the latest ranking factors are. The most recent update was Panda 4.1. How will this affect you? Released in February of 2011, the original Panda's focus was on targeting sites with low quality or poor content. Prior to this date, SEO companies could put up sites that were keyword stuffing or even contained spun content from another site, and rank for it. This is not the case anymore. Google continuously releases Panda updates in order to rank the sites that are providing the best content. Google is all about the user experience. In order to provide the best experience, Google displays the highest quality sites first in search results. These sites are viewed as an authority or credible, and provide a solution for the user, i.e. ...

Posted in: Search Engine Optimization by Online Marketing Team on October 10, 2014

Specify Alternate Text [Infographic] What Is Inbound Marketing?

Have you noticed the term "inbound marketing" being thrown around lately? The concept has taken the marketing world by storm. It involves combining a variety of online marketing disciplines into a holistic approach that focuses on attracting, engaging and converting leads. Interested in learning more? Take a look at our new infographic. Embed the infographic on your own site! What is Inbound Marketing Infographic From: Foremost Media

Posted in: Inbound Marketing by Jon Ballard on September 17, 2014

Specify Alternate Text Recent Google Update Encourages Increased Site Security

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team has become what you could say, Google stalkers. We are constantly researching and studying to find out which signals Google is giving the most authority to, and what updates they are adding to their algorithm. Well, they are back at it again. Google recently announced that they have added an HTTPS ranking signal. What does this mean? Google has explained that having an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) applied to a site, which makes it HTTPS, creates a better user experience. When your site is HTTPS, all the information passed back and forth between the clients and your site is encrypted, making all of their information secure. Up until now, most sites that have had SSL Certificates were eCommerce sites. These sites needed to have secure checkouts and extra security since they were collecting confidential information from visitors. Due to this recent update, Google is now recommending that sites all ...

Posted in: Search Engine Optimization by Online Marketing Team on September 4, 2014

Specify Alternate Text 8 Mistakes Companies Make When Launching a New Website

Your site has no redirects- In today's day and age, most established companies already have a website. What this means is that most of today's new website launches are actually re-launches or redesigns of the old site. In fact, here at Foremost Media, over 90% of the sites we build are actually rebuilds from the ground up of existing websites. Re-launching a new website has some unique challenges, especially if the site is well established. One of the most overlooked and critical things inexperienced webmasters do when re-launching or re-designing a site is skip the site redirects. Site redirects, or more specifically page redirects, are a way to send both search engines and site visitors to a different or new webpage from the one they originally requested. So why is a site redirect important to a site re-launch? If your site is well established and you change page names or page structure, you will need ...

Posted in: Web Development by Jon Ballard on September 4, 2014

Specify Alternate Text The Top 4 Myths in Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful, but often misunderstood tool. The confusion is generally the fault of software companies with large budgets and influential bloggers who are writing about something they lack experience with, just to gain attention. Here are four of the more common marketing automation myths we have encountered. 1. The software does all of the work Just because it is called marketing automation, does not mean it happens all by itself. The system still requires a skilled marketer behind the wheel effectively developing the strategy. The system is merely a tool the marketer can use for efficiently accomplishing their goals of lead generation and nurturing. The data and insight provided by the system allows companies to optimize their processes on an ongoing basis. This requires someone who is analytical enough to sift through the data and creative enough to develop a plan of action based on the information. 2. It is only for email marketing Email ...

Posted in: Marketing Automation by Jon Ballard on September 2, 2014

Specify Alternate Text Are You Marketing Effectively Throughout The Buying Process?

The goal of inbound marketing is to attract your ideal visitors and ultimately convert them into delighted customers. It is imperative that you create buyer personas to make sure you are not only attracting qualified leads, but that you are also creating content that engages them. In order to move them from leads to customers, you need a thorough understanding of the buying process. There are five stages to the buying process, and as inbound marketers, we need to have a deep understanding of each stage. The relevancy of the content to the buyer persona is largely dependent on what stage they are currently at in the buying process. Understanding what stage they are in, will allow us to move them along in the buying process and eventually convert them into customers. The buying process is not anything new. John Dewey first introduced the concept in 1910. The stages are as follows: 1. Problem/Need Recognition 2. Information Search 3. ...

Posted in: Inbound Marketing by Jon Ballard on August 13, 2014

Specify Alternate Text DNN Web Hosting Comparison: White Paper

We are frequently asked what makes our hosting different from other hosting companies like GoDaddy. Why are the hosting costs different? Why should you choose Foremost Media over the others? Data Centers Foremost Media hosts our sites in a Tier 4 data center. Mainstream hosting providers, like GoDaddy, host in a Tier 3 data center. Foremost Media's primary data center is a Tier 4 data center located near Omaha, Nebraska. This facility is free from natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and power shortages that plague other data centers throughout the world. Our secondary sites include a Tier 4 facility in the UK and one in Florida. Each of these data centers feature: Carrier Access -Four local SONET fibers provide redundant carrier/neutral fiber access (AT&T, Level 3, Qwest, and COX) Internet Access-Route Science manages redundant, Tier 1 internet bandwidth with fully redundant, Carrier-class Cisco core routing and switching Network Monitoring-SNMP management tools monitor all critical infrastructure components Fiber -Four fiber ...

Posted in: Website Hosting by Aaron Jach on July 28, 2014

Specify Alternate Text Don’t Waste Your Money on Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that when used properly can take your marketing to the next level by improving all of your online marketing efforts. The primary reason why many organizations are unable to see a dramatic increase their profitability and higher conversion rates with a marketing automation system is they lack the necessary internal resources to operate the system in its full capacity. Essentially, marketing automation is technology that allows you to more effectively utilize multiple marketing channels and automate repetitive tasks in order to convert visitors into leads and nurture them through the buying process. This allows the sales department to focus on leads that have already been qualified and are currently in the purchasing stage of the buying process. The majority of B2B buying processes are complex. Customers are not making a purchase decision upon their initial interaction with an organization. Instead, they are self-educating themselves by researching and comparing options to ...

Posted in: Marketing Automation by Jon Ballard on July 7, 2014

Specify Alternate Text Are You Getting The Most From Your Pinterest Account?

Pinterest is quickly becoming more and more popular for businesses. If your business is on Pinterest make sure that you are getting the most out of your efforts. When users look at Pins on Pinterest they can click on the image and be taken to a link. Too many businesses are making the mistake of sending these users to a link with nothing more than that image (ex. If you are posting company photos to your Pinterest page, make sure that you are linking them to your website to get the most website traffic out of your social media efforts. Here’s how: Log in to your Pinterest account. Click on your profile name in the upper right-hand corner. Click on your company/profile name in the top corner. Select the board that you want to edit a pin for. Hover over the pin that you want to edit. Click on the pencil that appears in the upper right-hand corner of ...

Posted in: Social Media by Online Marketing Team on May 5, 2014

Specify Alternate Text B2B Tips For Twitter

In order to have a legitimate online presence, you need to have a social media strategy in place. One of the most popular social platforms is Twitter. They are reported to have over 115 million users every month! How can you make sure your business is getting the most out of this monster social network? For starters, schedule out Tweets, and do not be afraid to share control of the account. Assign a few employees to regularly post on Twitter. This gives your followers various perspectives, as well as guarantees your account to remain fresh and active. Search for business phrases industry specific to you and join in on conversations. This is a great way to grow your brand and potentially join in on industry events as well. The more recognized your name, the more you are seen as an authority in your field. Twitter is also a great place to learn about your customers. Look for ...

Posted in: News by Aaron Jach on May 2, 2014

Specify Alternate Text Why Most SEO's Are Fake

Fake SEO - If you hear this from your vendor run away! I have been an SEO for a long time. If there is one thing that is constant in this business is that it constantly changes. Google makes an average of 1.5 Algorithm changes each day with varying degrees of intensity. The most difficult thing about being an SEO is staying informed with the most up to date information and learning how to apply it. Most SEOs don't do this and are stuck with the same education they received years ago in search engine optimization, if they were ever educated at all. To prove my point, here's an example of a spam email I received from an "SEO" Company: "Dear Webmaster, As the Site operator of XXXXX I would like to invite you to exchange links with us. The entire week we will conduct a unique link exchange that will focus on real links with real traffic from ...

Posted in: Search Engine Optimization by Jon Ballard on July 18, 2013

Specify Alternate Text Foremost Media Now Offering Translation Services

JANESVILLE, WI - Companies interested in advancing their products or services into Spanish-speaking markets can go to a local firm for help. Foremost Media Inc., a full-service web design and web optimization company, is now offering translation services to assist large and small companies who want to gain exposure and increase their reach into Latin American markets. "There are language and graphic constraints if you just try and do a 'straight' translation from one language to another," explains Jon Ballard, chief executive officer of Foremost. With automated translation services offered by the major search engines, it's easy for businesses to lose control of their message. "Recently we discovered that an automated translation service had turned a client's safety seal cap manufacturing business into a whale hunting company," Ballard says. "Unless you speak the language, you really have no idea what you are presenting to a foreign audience." Foremost can make sure your website makes 'graphic' sense as well ...

Posted in: News by Tina Lenz-Mandt on March 7, 2013

Specify Alternate Text Usa Datacenter Incident Report

Start time: February 22, 2013, 8:50 AM CST (GMT-6:00) Conclusion: February 22, 2013, 10:05 AM CST (GMT-6:00) Duration: ~75 minutes Type: Regional, affecting multiple datacenters throughout the Midwest USA This information has been provided by the regional service provider serving the affected datacenters. Impact Multiple regional datacenters throughout the Midwest US were temporarily unavailable, either partially or completely, to each other and to the internet. This included one of the Foremost Media datacenters in Nebraska. Internal servers and other hardware were not affected and neither data nor security were ever at risk. Root Cause A regional Core switch servicing the Midwest United States experienced a hardware failure. Due to the nature of the failure (concurrent supervisor card failure) the redundant hardware member did not immediately failover as designed. Resolution The failed hardware was physically removed from the system and the redundant Core switch was rebooted, immediately restoring all connectivity. Spare hardware will be installed to return the Core switches to ...

Posted in: News by Jon Ballard on February 23, 2013

Specify Alternate Text Social Media And Search Engine Optimization

One of the newest factors in search engine optimization is social media account usage. Google tracks how many people have referenced your business in the various social media platforms. They use this activity to help them determine how popular you are on the Web. It would makes sense that they would start to use this data to determine where you rank in the search engines. Now, how is it that you actually get people to mention your site on social media? Well, there are a lot of ways, but most often we find that you need to know what NOT to do. DO NOT ADVERTISE. This is the biggest mistake most companies make. Inundating your prospects with "Buy This" and "Like This" messages no longer works. Most consumers are desensitized to this already. For maximum effectiveness ...

Posted in: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media by Online Marketing Team on August 31, 2012

Specify Alternate Text Local Business SEO Package Unveiled

Every day, more and more people are putting away that big yellow phonebook and turning to local Internet searches in their hometown. According to a recent article published on, research has shown that somewhere in the neighborhood of 70% of households do some kind of Internet search for local products and services EVERY SINGLE DAY! What does this mean for your local business? It means you need to be in the right places when people are searching for your business. Not only do you have to have a good position in local search results, you also need to have a good reputation. This is where Foremost Media's reputation monitoring tool can help you! Combining this tool with a local SEO package makes an unstoppable combination! "It's a GOOD THING that you're a small business, because that means we can position you to compete against only those businesses within your area, not the national businesses ...

Posted in: Local SEO, Reputation Management by Online Marketing Team on April 13, 2011

Specify Alternate Text Video SEO, Who Knew? (We Did.)

It's true. Video can be up to 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search than text (Forrester Research) but not just any video - it must be Search Engine Optimized video. Since everyone is on the SEO bandwagon, it's harder than ever to reach or keep high rankings no matter how aggressive your efforts.This is where SEO video may put you over the top. Video SEO is the process of using SEO tools with your video and then submitting the SEO videos themselves (not just the pages where the videos reside) to the various search engines. Because there is so much less of it, and because only very little of all online video is properly submitted with SEO, there is a disproportionate bias towards properly submitted SEO video. Results can appear within a few short days.The fact is videos are taking over traditional searches. Google is pushing video to ...

Posted in: General, Search Engine Optimization by Online Marketing Team on December 14, 2010

Specify Alternate Text Facebook Unveiling "Deals" For Businesses

Facebook is in the beta testing stage of bringing what they call Facebook "Deals." It offers businesses the opportunity to rewards customers when they check in on Facebook, and this helps generate awareness, encourage in-store traffic and build customer loyalty. "Deals" connects businesses with people and helps them become an even larger part of their customers' conversations. What does this mean for you and your business? Deals gives you the power to acquire and retain customers, as well as market your business. This is definitely something to get excited about in the near future for all local businesses! Keep an eye out for Foremost Media's Local Market Package INCLUDING Facebook "Deals!" More Marketing Tips for Facebook: B2B Marketing on Facebook Proactively Manage Your Facebook Reviews What are my next Steps? SEO For Businesses Website Development Conversion Rate Optimization Marketing Automation Digital Success Stories

Posted in: Social Media by Online Marketing Team on December 9, 2010

Specify Alternate Text Web Design: Part 1 Of 3 (A Series)

This is Part 1 of a three part series providing the best practices when designing a new site or giving a new 'look' to an older site. In our mini-series we will show you how valuable an on-line presence really is as you attract and communicate with more customers, expand into more markets, take more orders, reduce training expenses, and spend less time exchanging documents through the mail or with couriers. And these are only a few of ways we at Foremost Media can help your company take advantage of the Web. As this is a lengthy subject, with many variables to scrutinize, we hope you'll stay tuned for subsequent issues publicizing Part 2 and Part 3 in upcoming Foremost Media newsletters. Web Design Part 1: "Give them what they want, what they really, really want!" A. Stay Focused Every page of the site should be targeted to helping your customer find what they need in the absolute ...

Posted in: Web Development by Online Marketing Team on October 5, 2010

Specify Alternate Text E-mail Marketing Goes "Social"

Marketing in a down economy takes forward thinking. Getting the most of your online marketing can be done by combining two known strategies, e-mail marketing and social media. When e-mailing to your current customer base, you should promote your social media channels. As your Facebook page attracts more fans and people "like" your page these networks will help drive new subscribers to your e-mail list via your web site. Encouraging customers to follow your tweets or watch your YouTube channel will give you the same return. We've outlined some easy guidelines to help bring your social media and email marketing efforts together. I. Let people know you're out there Your mass e-mail software should allow you to easily connect to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You can even download appropriate logos allowing your readers to click and find you quickly while sending an offer to join your network. In fact, you can put these links in your ...

Posted in: Email Marketing, Social Media by Online Marketing Team on October 5, 2010

Specify Alternate Text Using Online Videos Successfully

Quite possibly the biggest current online sensation is the use of videos. Viewing online videos for pleasure is entertaining, touching, inspiring, and fun. But videos can be quite effectively used for business purposes. Videos offer a more stimulating Web experience, adding motion and sound to an otherwise flat environment. When used effectively, online videos can be used to tell the story of the company and customers, explain products and services, and demonstrate products. When videos are implemented well, they can boost site traffic and sales, and even lead to new business opportunities. In fact, the numbers are quite significant., a social media blog, conducted internal research which revealed that adding video to a site can drive 36% more clicks, 20% more inbound calls, and more than double the time spent on the site. A Kelsey Group study discussed online videos with consumers who were asked what they did after viewing videos. 55% of the ...

Posted in: Social Media by Online Marketing Team on July 21, 2010

Specify Alternate Text PlayStar Launches New Website

PlayStar Launches New Website PlayStar, a leader in outdoor recreational products has announced the release of a newly designed website The new .biz will allow consumers the opportunity to buy directly from PlayStar Inc. when a local retail outlet is not conveniently located. All three of PlayStar's products are available on the new website, which features residential play sets for kids, boat docks, and backyard storage buildings. PlayStar is the only manufacturer that allows you to choose a playsets that best fits your lifestyle, Build It Yourself, Ready to Assemble, and Factory Built. Over 40 different wooden swing sets are available along with a complete line of popular swingset components from swings and slides to climbers, rides, play set accessories, brackets and tarps. PlayStar's dock offering include the Original Floating Dock as well as the revolutionary Premium Dock System which weighs less than 170 lbs ...

Posted in: News by Online Marketing Team on June 15, 2009

Specify Alternate Text Glimmers Of Hope In Janesville By Bob Bach

The Janesville area has the highest unemployment rate in Wisconsin; 13.5 percent. That's nearly triple what it was a year ago. The figure has been fueled by General Motors' decision to close its auto plant there. Some people appear to be leaving town as jobs evaporate, according to U-Haul Incorporated. Its records show that nearly 25 percent more people left Janesville than moved there during the first three months of 2009. WUWM'S Bob Bach asked a few local businesses what they're noticing, and their observations about residents are not as glum. Josh Rofburg is manager of South Side True Value Hardware in Janesville. The store isn't far from the sprawling GM plant, the longtime industrial goliath that now sits shuttered and silent. Rofburg says more than half his customers worked at the factory, or one of the satellite industries whose fortunes were linked to GM's. Rofburg says oftentimes former autoworkers rub elbows at his store, and ...

Posted in: News by Online Marketing Team on May 8, 2009

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