Backlinks have always been known to be a big part in SEO and they still play a major role in determining your rankings and the amount of traffic your site gets from search engines.

Keep in mind some backlinks are better than others. When figuring out how to get more backlinks, make sure that you are focusing on getting links from places that make sense. A recent study by Moz suggested that sites that have more links from "news" sites get more search traffic. Here is our advice on how to create "newsworthy" content and get news sites to publish it.

We suggest using the following methods to get a backlink from a news site:

  1. Publish Press Releases
  2. Subscribe to Help A Reporter Out
  3. Engage in Industry Forums
  4. Blog About Current Events

Press Releases

As a part of our regular SEO plan here at Foremost Media, we help businesses create press releases to help promote news within their companies. Some common things that businesses can publish press releases about include:

  • New products being offered
  • New staff members
  • Retiring long-time staff members
  • Special events
  • Business anniversaries
  • New operating hours
  • New locations
  • Recent awards, certifications, or accolades
  • New amenities for clients (ex. new languages offered, waiting room updates, etc.)

Once the press release is finalized, make sure that you notify local newspapers as well as press release submission sites. This will help get the word out about your update and contribute to building backlinks to your website.

Subscribe to Help A Reporter Out

Help A Reporter Out, also known as HARO, is one of the most popular resources for reporters to find expert sources for their articles. HARO provides the opportunity for average marketers to get in touch with reporters and writers that they may not have otherwise been in contact with.

HARO is a free service that sends marketers daily updates of industry-related articles that are being published that reporters need quotes for. Responding to these requests quickly and accurately increases the odds of being selected as the featured expert for that article.

Participate in Industry Forums

Every industry has online forums to answer any question imaginable. Interacting and answering questions on these sites will drive traffic to your site and show that you are an expert in the field. News networks will be sure to look at these industry related forums to get answers to the questions they have. When reporters see that you are answering several questions on forums, they oftentimes will reach out to you to answer their questions as well. Do not miss this opportunity be seen as an expert.

A few of our tips for participating in forums include:

  • Be honest. Sign up as a representative for your company. Do not create a fake persona.
  • Offer solutions to problems. Explain to users how to fix their problems. This will show that your company knows what they are talking about and will encourage users to reach out to your company in the future.
  • Add links to your site when relevant. If you are going to add links within your forum answers, make sure that youlink toclosely related pages within your site.
  • Be friendly. Getting into an argument on an online forum will only reflect badly on yourself and your company.

Blog About Current Events

Blogging about current events will offer you the opportunity to become an expert, as well as a source of information for any news sites looking for sources. Turn current events into a story that matters to your clients. Read the local and national news on a daily basis and think of how you can put a new spin on those stories and explain why and how it impacts your client base. Giving your opinions on current events will show reporters that you know what you're talking about.

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