There is a simple reason that your website is receiving a lot of referring traffic from the domain, and the exact URL usually looks something like this "". Ask yourself, what did you do when you saw that? What was your gut instinct? That is correct, you copied it, and pasted it in your browser bar. Then what happened? It took you to an aliexpress page (a company owned by Alibaba) that is pitching holiday items for sale. Now, it is starting to make sense. Let's explore this further.

When I click on my particular "referrer" in webmaster tools, it first brings me to, then redirects me to a russian domain called Next I am redirected to an aliexpress subdomain that has a very specific string at the end of it "aff_platform=aaf&sk=YNRjYvfmq%3A&cpt=1420754856013&null". Do you know what this means? It means that I am being tracked because the person that sent me to this domain name is an affiliate for aliexpress. If I were to buy any of the products on the site I arrived at, the person who put that "referrer" in my analytics will get paid commission. He/She is trying to drive traffic to a page in hopes that someone will buy something there, and they will earn a commission. Now, the real question you are asking yourself is, "How the heck did they get that on to my analytics?". The answer is that they faked the traffic.

There are many traffic faker scripts that you can buy on the darker side of the web that allow you to "fake" traffic to any number sites. Frequently, I see these fake referrers in my analytics because they are trying to market a product. In this particular case, the person is just trying to make some sales through the shear number of people that they get to the site. The smart, yet still shady, marketers that use traffic faking software are marketing products that appeal to webmasters. Thus, they can actually convert some of the people they get to come to their website into sales. One example of this is the never-ending spam from a company called Semalt. Semalt does referral spam on a very malicious level, using very sophisticated malware to highjack other computers to send the fake traffic for them. I only mention them because if you have seen the spam, you have no doubt also seen spam from

Typically, the best, and cheapest, way to deal with this is to create a filter that gets rid of the spam in your analytics. Alternatively, we will sometimes do this in your htaccess file. Feel free to contact me and I will gladly show you how. You can email me at