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E-mail Marketing Goes "Social"

Marketing in a down economy takes forward thinking. Getting the most of your online marketing can be done by combining two known strategies, e-mail marketing and social media.

When e-mailing to your current customer base, you should promote your social media channels. As your Facebook page attracts more fans and people "like" your page these networks will help drive new subscribers to your e-mail list via your web site. Encouraging customers to follow your tweets or watch your YouTube channel will give you the same return.

We've outlined some easy guidelines to help bring your social media and email marketing efforts together.

I. Let people know you're out there

Your mass e-mail software should allow you to easily connect to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You can even download appropriate logos allowing your readers to click and find you quickly while sending an offer to join your network. In fact, you can put these links in your inpidual e-mail signature as well to drive your fan network.

II. Entice your audience to join you

A simple "follow me" doesn't given customers a reason to sign up. Give them an incentive such as "Learn more about how we're impacting the community by following us on Facebook" or "Get weekly tips to by following our tweets on Twitter".

III. Staying on top of all mediums

Just thinking about doing your mass e-mail newsletter, then posting a Facebook message and putting up a tweet can seem cumbersome. We encourage you to use the same message in all three and repurpose your content, if you will, to get your message out multiple times. Use the headline in your blog to drive to your e-newsletter to drive to Facebook to drive to Twitter and circle them back around. By using the same subject headline from your newsletter as text for your tweet, you can link the two, making your content more alluring to the potential audience.

If your newsletter has multiple topics, dissect it and use each inpidual section to share once a week (or once a day if you have the time) on your social media channels. You're now creating numerous messages but reinforcing pertinent content without involving much extra work. Remember to input the "share" icon to your outgoing newsletters with the intent of reaching outside of your current social circles.

IV. Enhance your e-mail list by engaging socially

Social media may, in turn, generate new content for your newsletter. Perhaps you're asked a question via social media that may benefit a large targeted audience. This may perpetuate content to be included in a subsequent e-newsletter or e-mail marketing campaign. This may also lend greater customer service when people post their assessments of your company.

They key it to use all of the information captured to your advantage and cross reference whenever possible. Click below if you want to dig deeper into these topics and how Foremost Media can help tackle your e-mail marketing and social media needs:

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