As a business on Pinterest, it can be difficult to determine what is best to pin to your boards. It is important to not only pin content from your own website, but to also repin and interact with your followers. It is not hard to find interesting things to repin on Pinterest, but....are you pinning good content?

Too often pins are linking to misleading content. There is nothing worse for a Pinterest user than trying to find the recipe that is described in a pin and then being sent somewhere else after clicking on the link. Many pins will also describe interesting content in the description, but then link to a site that just tries to get user information.

Below is an example of a recipe pin that links to the home page of a blog. Pins that link to content like this are confusing and frustrating for users.

Pin and Webpage

As a business on Pinterest, it is important to take the time to click through every pin you share with your followers to ensure you are going to be sending users to useful and relevant websites.

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