There are many stats that support the rising popularity of online video streaming. A recent Cisco Visual Networking study predicts that global “consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2019." But that does not mean digital marketers should only focus on video content. After all, a large portion of the consumer internet traffic increase will come from viral cat videos, and video streaming services such as Apple TV, Hulu, and Netflix.

Cat Video

So how should today’s digital marketers respond to the increase of consumer internet video traffic? By making sure the video content they create is:

  • Personalized: Users who watch your videos want to know more about your company, so be yourself, have fun, and let your company culture shine through its video content. Studies show that users want to watch a video before they buy. Your video should tell a story and create a bond with your viewers. Write a script so you can film and edit your video line-by-line. Make eye contact with your audience by positioning the camera at face level to help establish trust with your audience and connect with potential customers. Create a custom thumbnail image for your video with a color scheme that matches your company’s brand instead of using a screenshot from the video, as videos with custom thumbnails see an increase in user engagement.
  • Backed By Data Science: Utilize the viewing data instead of just looking at it. The data will help you determine optimal video length, where to embed links or calls-to-action within your video to get the best click-through-rate (CTR), and which visual elements increase user engagement. Google Analytics, YouTube’s traffic source reports, and other A/B Testing platforms are excellent sources for actionable data.
  • A Lead Generator: Video is a powerful lead generation tool when it is done right. To generate leads, the video needs to portray your company as an authority or advisor on the topic being presented. Including a short contact form in first 10-20% of your video can help generate leads as well. A/B Testing can also help you determine the best time to include the contact form in the video. The number of contact form fills is usually higher when the form is placed within the first 10-20% of the video. If you are worried about losing viewers with an early contact form placement, keep in mind that viewers who drop off are probably not as committed to buying your product as the viewers that fill out and submit the contact form.

With the rising popularity of videos, it is important not to get lost in all of the hype. It is still very important for today’s digital marketers to use video content in conjunction with more conventional digital marketing strategies. When adding video content into your digital marketing mix, you need to make sure that your video content is personalized to your audience and backed by data science for it to be used as an effective lead generation tool.

The future of digital marketing is here, and to be successful, your company needs to consider adding video to its digital marketing mix. Contact us today to speak with one of our digital marketing experts and let us help you design a video marketing plan that helps you reach your target market.

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