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Top 6 Advanced Website Designs in Manufacturing of 2020

graphic of building an optimized manufacturing website

Website Designs that Stand Out!

Let’s be honest. When you think of surfing the web, you rarely imagine stumbling across a manufacturing website and considering it a delightful discovery. Usually, it’s industrial and mechanical. It doesn’t produce exciting headlines that attract the general public. Manufacturing websites are different, but their visual experience and their user friendliness should be just as pleasant, exciting, and inspiring as websites in all other industries.

Why Should Manufacturer's Have A Website?

Your website is a clear statement of your business' manufacturing capabilities and which industries you serve. Here's some must haves:

Eye-Pleasing Design

Your home page gives the first impression of your company, and the images there speak to website visitors before any written word does. Images in this valuable space need to grab attention and invite people in. Think beyond simple themes and logos; consider how you can put your entire product line on display.

Lanair Highlights
  • Responsive
  • Clear navigation
  • Distinct sections make the home page easily readable
  • Searchable site for products
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desktop and responsive tablet and mobile view
Responsive view of the Camplex website

Easy Navigation and UX that Makes Sense

Put your most popular, most visited page links where they are visible and easy to get to. Use words that make sense so users know where they’ll go when they click. Use visual cues and the psychology of color to drive users to your CTA's and increase conversions.

Camplex Highlights
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Modern image and video gallery
  • Versatile resource center
  • Robust site search
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Searchable Online Product Catalogs

Along with providing an attractive display of products, a well built catalog organizes your products in a way that helps your users find the items they’re looking for, even when they’re not sure what they’re looking for. The goal is to quickly and easily connect your purchase-ready visitors with the products they want to buy.

Playstar Highlights
  • Responsive
  • Clear navigation
  • Visitors know exactly what their services are
  • Searchable site for products
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Playstar Website responsive design
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Lanair website mobile friendly view

CTAs and Lead Generators

A Call-To-Action (CTA) tells your visitors what they should do once they reach your website. Should they fill out a form to get more information or will they find that information on another page? Would you like them to contact you or sign up for a newsletter?
Have a game plan for what you ultimately want your visitors to do and design your website’s messaging around that goal.

LCR Hallcrest Highlights
  • Responsive video integration 
  • Large document library
  • Up to date news module
  • Custom request form
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Mobile Friendliness

The user experience is everything. You don’t think of this mobile design until you try to use a website that that doesn't fit on your cell phone. The great websites of today need to be mobile responsive or easy to view on every size screen. It’s important because even though a lot of B2B work is done behind a desk, more business people are on the move and their tools are mobile. They’re using tablets, pads and phones. Elements on the page need to be sized and spaced for easy fingertip navigation. Plus, search engines now favor websites that are mobile friendly over those that aren’t.

BCI Burke Highlights
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Custom development to meet any needs
  • Rich content integration
  • Robust product catalog
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Screenshot of Burke's website on desktop, mobile and tablet
responsive designed website example

High Quality Content

Write content that benefits your visitors and potential customers. Speak in their language, not yours. When your content is made up of terminology that your customers use, your website will show up higher in SERPs because its content matches the terms your customers type into their searches. Keywords and Search Engine Optimization are also important factors to consider, but your main goal is to write relevant, quality content. Anything written well for your users, by default, will be written well for search engines. Definitely include videos and infographics where they make sense.

  • Responsive
  • Clear navigation
  • Visitors know exactly what their services are
  • Searchable site for products
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Behind-the-Scenes Features That Just Can’t Be Overlooked

Before you begin your redesign, make sure to get a good idea of how your metrics are performing. Using a tool like Google analytics, analyze historical data like the number of visits to the website, amount of time spent on the website, form submissions and goal conversions, bounce rate, keyword rankings and domain authority.

With a manufacturer's website redesign there are things that aren't obvious at first glance, but they make a big impact in useability, function and how high your website will rank in Search Engine Results Pages. Being conscientious of design that works on all devices, meaningful content for your audience and an ongoing optimization and website maintenance strategy are the keys to kicking off a great redesign of your manufacturing website It is also important to note that you don't want your design to come at the expense of page speed. Large image files and other functionality can sometimes slow down your website.

Choose Web Developers Who Know Manufacturers!

In today's marketing landscape, companies live and die by the success of their website. It is important to choose the right web development partner. Consider the company's reputation, their industry knowledge and affiliations, and the quality of their work. Launching your new website isn't where the relationship ends. Ongoing support and opportunities available for your success online are important options to consider.

Here's a checklist that outlines the crucial items you need to look for when choosing your web development partner.

  1. Industry experience
  2. In house project managers and developers
  3. Dedicated server experts

See the full checklist on what to consider when choosing a new web partner.

What are my next steps?

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