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Setting Up Automated Reports in Leadformix

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Automated Reports

Setting Up Automated Email Reports

LeadFormix allows the ability to get automated email reports daily or weekly. These reports can notify you of all of your site visitors or the visitors that fit into your filters. Here how to set up the automated reports.

  1. Log into your LeadFormix account.
  2. Click on the "Setup" tab. 
  3. Click on "Administration Setup" on the left side menu and go to "Email Reports & Alerts".
  4. Select the user that you want to set up reports for from the drop down menu at the top of the page.
  5. There will be a chart similar to the one below with a list of your filters and your domain name. You can choose whether you want to receive email updates for all of your site visitors or just the visitors in your filters. 
  6. To receive email updates for all site visitors check the row with your domain name (ex. www.foremostmedia.com).
  7. Then select the criteria for your reports:
    Daily Report:

    Check this box will send a report to you at the end of each day. You can choose whether you want the receive the email in HTML format or in an Excel file.

    New Report:

    LeadFormix recently updated the look of their reports. The two reports are mainly differ visually. Check this box to receive tot new report.

    Mobile Version:

    Checking this column will send your report in a mobile friendly version.

    Weekly Report:

    Select this column if you want to receive a weekly report of visitors. You can select which day you'd like to receive the report from the drop down menu.

    Alert Leads:

    Selecting this column will automatically email you when "Leads" are added.

  8. Click save when you are done.

Setting up automated email reports will help make sure that you and your sales team are constantly monitoring who is visiting your site. These reports will serve as a constant reminder to check to see if there are any possible leads you should reach out to.