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PII Protect - Breach Protection Platform

There were 707,509,815 data records lost or stolen in 2015.

Every Day


records lost or stolen

Every Hour


records lost or stolen

Every Minute


records lost or stolen

Every Second


records lost or stolen

Our Training Program can help you get your employees trained and educated on how to protect your data.

We hear about data breaches in the news including Target, Home Depot and Sony but did you know that a Verizon study found that 71% of data breaches happen to companies with less than 100 employees costing $158 per stolen record?*

*Source: 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis by Ponemon Institute.

Not only do data breaches happen to small companies but the impact could be much greater. A National Cyber Security Alliance Study found that 60% of small to midsize companies go out of business within 6 months of a data breach. Costs and reputation damage of a data breach may be too much to recover from.

To minimize the risk of data breaches, companies need to focus on the cause of 95% of data breaches – their employees. The best way to minimize data breaches is to train employees to recognize possible threats.

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secure data

Some of the things you can do with PII Protect.

Train Your Employees

Train your employees to help protect your sensitive data

secure physical location with id
Secure Physical Space

Track and log visitors, limit access with locked doors.

data types
Where's Your Data?

Locate, understand, and limit where all of your sensitive data resides.

written policies
Create Clear Policies

Create clear and concise written policies on the use and disposal of sensitive data.

Network Protection
Protect Your Network

Protect your network with VPNs, firewalls, vulnerability scans, penetration testing, etc.

data devices
Secure Your Devices

Identify, track, and secure (encrypt) your employee’s devices – smartphones, USB drives, tablets, and laptops.

disposing documents
Disposal Procedures

Ensure that you have the proper procedures and documents in place to dispose of any devices, equipment, and paper records.

Phishing Campaigns

Your employees will learn how to Identify phishing emails and websites.

Provide training to your employees, reduce the chance of a data breach.

PII Protect Training
  • Cloud based security portal
  • Online training that employees go through at their own pace
  • Engaging training videos
  • Employee security testing
  • Employee training certificates
  • Administrator training reports
  • New employee training
  • Security tips and reminders
Security Topics
  • What is PII? Including Examples
    • Names and addresses
    • Credit cards
    • Social Security Numbers
  • Phishing Scams
    • In-depth review
    • Video on spotting phishing scams
    • Interactive quiz - Can you spot a phish?
  • Internal and External Threats
  • Phone Scams
  • Passwords
  • Wi-Fi dangers
  • Physical protection – Devices
  • BYOD – dangers
  • Many more topics
  • Training content is continually updated
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