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Analytics Event Tracking

Super Charge your Marketing with Custom Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for gathering data about the types and numbers of visitors who are accessing your site

Out of the box, a standard setup will provide you with basic stats about what pages of your site get visited and how many times. This is great information, but what if you want to gather data about what users are doing on an individual page? Analytics event tracking extends the basic functionality of the program to make it possible to specify actions (button clicks, video views, etc) that will be tracked. The data passed with these events can be customized and will be presented in the “content >> events” section of your dashboard.

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Google Analytics

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What is Google Analytics?

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Real World Example

We recently had a customer who wanted to know how many people were downloading their monthly newsletter. Their Analytics stats told them how many people were visiting their newsletter archive page, but they still had no idea of how many times the newsletters were being downloaded.

To solve this problem, we developed a script that listens for clicks on all of the PDF links on the page. Now, when a link is clicked, the event is captured and tracked with Google Analytics. This customer now has a view in the Analytics dashboard that provides all of the data that they need to see how many visitors are proceeding to download a newsletter (the event) after arriving at the page. They can get even more granular and see how many of each of the newsletters available are being downloaded.

The above is a fairly simple implementation of analytics event tracking and in most cases it is probably all that is needed to increase the useful information gathered by analytics.

Ideas for Improving Your Site Stats with Custom Events

In most situations users will want to track downloads, as in our example, but custom event tracking opens up many other possibilities for tracking user interactions on a page.

Here are a few examples of what might be tracked with this tool:

  • Tracking clicks on an ad that is running on your page with events.
  • Tracking clicks on download links for various file types with events.
  • Tracking when a user plays a video embedded in the page (possible with specific video providers).
  • Tracking how users are utilizing site navigation and user interface elements with events.
  • Tracking user actions on a form may help shed light on fields that are confusing people or causing them to abandon the form. This could be extremely useful if you have a sign up form or a registration form that must be completed.
Foremost Media can help you get Custom Events on Your Site

Custom Event tracking with Google Analytics may not be necessary for every website, but if you have a need to know how users are interacting on your site, we would be glad to discuss some strategies for implementing these excellent features on your site.

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