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Social Media Marketing

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A few years ago, most employers frowned upon the use of social media sites like Facebook at work.

But these days, savvy employers are starting to encourage employees to use social media for business purposes. Some companies are even using internal social media communities to communicate more effectively with all of their employees. Foremost Media can help your company establish a presence on social sites across the Internet. Below are a few of the social marketing services we offer.

Have You Considered Using Networking Sites to Promote Your Business?

By integrating social online marketing into your marketing plan, you can now generate additional income as well as gain free advertising. Let our experts help you to develop a social network marketing plan today.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms allow companies to create pages to promote your business. These pages allow registered social network site users to become "Fans" or subscribe to updates from your company page. These pages also have a viral effect in that when a registered user from one of the social networking sites becomes a fan or registers to receive updates from your site, all their friends are notified that they did so and often their friends will become your fans or subscribers as well. We've helped savvy business owners promote their business on the social networks and can help your company succeed in this way as well.

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YouTube Channels for Business

According to Youtube, they have over 1 billion active users (about one-third of the internet). These users watch billions of videos and consume several hundred million hours of content each day. If you have been searching Google lately, you have probably seen some of the mixed search results starting to be returned for searches.  Mixed search results is a term used to describe not only Web page summaries being returned in your Google search but also video clips and image results.  We are seeing this become more and more popular not only on Google, but also on other search engines as surfers begin to embrace video on the Internet. So, not only can your YouTube channel get you in front of these 1 billion users, it can help get you in front of the rest of the web as well.

Another added benefit to creating a YouTube Channel is the ability for customers to subscribe to your channel and receive updates from YouTube when your channel is updated. Savvy companies are producing videos about products and services and placing them on their YouTube Channels, and then allowing the distributors and retailers to pull that content into their respective websites without cost to the company, the distributor, or the retailer.

Examples of channels we have set up:

Twitter is a tool for social interaction and microblogging which has become an excellent resource to reach people quickly.  If you haven’t joined Twitter by now, it is well worth the time to get acquainted.

So do you want to get involved? Consider these ideas:
  • Inform Don't Sell: Blatant advertising messages are annoying.  Tweet your news and keep the public aware, but don't sell - INFORM!
  • Make Aware-Share: Twitter is about relationship building by being friendly and helpful to others.  You can share links, news stories... - even emergency information is a good fit for Twitter.
  • Connect With Customers and Friends: Are you craving insight and tips from innovative leaders in your area of expertise? Follow and be followed - connect with influential people by using Twitter. It may be easier than calling or emailing.
  • Monitor Your Company: Search out tweets about your business or service.  This will enable you to watch what the public is saying about your business and let you respond quickly and directly to both positive and negative posts about your company.
  • Be Real: When tweeting, demonstrate your authenticity and make sure to completely fill out your profile as well as upload a nice photo of yourself.  Remember - people relate to other people.

The best part is, Twitter is completely free. So get started today.  By creating a Twitter Account for your business, you’re showing the world that you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to keep customers connected and up to date with your business. For more information or how to set up a Twitter account, visit

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