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Website Project Process

Project Management

Each website development project is assigned to a project manager at our Janesville, WI office. The project manager will guide you through the different phases of development. Each member of our Project Management Team has a strong background in marketing and web development. This allows our project managers to help translate your marketing needs into technical terms for the Development Team (the programming geeks). Although the website development process can be quite complex, we break it down into six distinct phases:

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Phase 1: Define The Project

Good web design starts with content and usability. It's important to keep the end user in mind when establishing goals for your website. You'll want to have a general idea of what content and structure will work best for your users. We'll work with you to determine a clear and consistent message to communicate throughout the site. This phase lays the ground work for the entire project and allows us to better develop and design a great representation of your business!

Phase 2: Design Process

In the design phase, the look and feel (commonly referred to as "the skin") is established. In addition to the overall website brand, we will define the navigation structure of your website. Our professional graphic artist will lay out your website based on your logo, marketing materials, and your input. You will then have the opportunity to make any revisions until you're satisfied with your design. During this phase we will strive to ensure that your site:

  • reflects your business and image
  • is tailored to your market
  • is thoroughly planned out
  • is exciting, interactive, informative and unique
  • is presented in a professional and considerate manner

The design phase produces a "homepage mock-up” that will closely resemble the finished site and a “design guide” that will be used as the blueprint for the rest of the site. Large projects, such as e-commerce sites will require more mockups of the interior pages of the site. These mockups are used by the programmers to build an attractive and functional user interface.
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Design Tools

Computer Work

Phase 3: Build

During the build phase, your site transforms from graphical concept to functional site. All of the technical elements of your website are programmed during this phase. The menu structure is built and pages are set up incorporating your unique design. Once the structure of the website has been programmed, our team will populate the website’s content. During this phase, Foremost Media will provide a link to a private staging site. Interested parties can watch the build in real time and provide immediate feedback.

Phase 4: Testing

When the build phase of your site is completed, Foremost Media will test the site in a variety of browsers and different monitor sizes. Your staff will also have the opportunity to view the website and admin portion of the site. During the testing phase, we make sure any bugs have been worked out, that the site meets your expectations, and that the website is ready for launch.

A/B Testing Phase

Phase 5: Launch

Once you are satisfied with the website and have approved launch, our hosting team will work with your IT department to make the site live.

Ongoing Website Support

Much like a vehicle, a website is an investment that requires ongoing support after the initial purchase. Regular maintenance ensures that a website will function at its best. Things like bug fixes, plugins or an updated design may arise after you get a chance to feel out your new site. All of these things, along with our around the clock tech support create better functionality and security for your website. Foremost Media will be there every step of the way.


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