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Influencer Marketing

The term “influencer” is usually associated with social media, and with good reason: influencers are people who have gained a reputation for expertise on a particular topic and built a large and devoted following through their social media channels.

Influencers are often considered trendsetters due to their powers of persuasion. Through social media posts, they exert influence over their audience (hence the name), inspiring their followers to purchase the products they promote. This puts them in high demand from brands seeking an “ambassador” to help sell their products. It’s essentially a modern-day celebrity endorsement minus the celebrity.

This is the cornerstone of influencer marketing, a strategy in which a brand pays a credible individual with a large, loyal, and engaged social media following to promote a product, service, or upcoming event.

Influencer marketing has steadily gained popularity in recent years for one simple reason: it works. Statistics show that 56% of young Americans—those in the coveted Millennial and Gen-Z demographics—have purchased a product after seeing a post from somebody they follow on social media. That made it a $16.4 billion industry in 2022, a number that is forecast to hit $21.1 billion in 2023. The numbers don’t lie: influencer marketing is a business strategy well worth exploring.

Success requires a lot of planning and hard work. You need a partner to guide you and your brand through the process of influencer marketing, one that will produce high-quality work and make you look good online while avoiding some common pitfalls. That's what we deliver with our influencer marketing package.

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Billing and Reporting

Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

The sales figures mentioned above are pretty compelling evidence that influencer marketing is an effort worth pursuing. Marketers agree; 83% say influencer marketing is effective, and 67% plan to increase their budgets in 2023.

But marketers aren’t the only ones who believe in the power of influencers. Studies show that influencer-generated content performs better than branded posts. The main reason boils down to authenticity: influencers are everyday people whose personalities inspire trust from their followers. To illustrate this point, 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations while 38% trust brand product content.

These statistics show that having an influencer marketing strategy is quickly becoming a must when it comes to launching a brand or new product.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

A refined strategy helps you sell more by presenting product lines to your existing customer base while expanding to an entirely new audience using influencer marketing techniques. This provides us with a structure in which to identify influencers, develop campaign concepts, and maintain guardrails.This is a sustainable strategy for your brand that offers long-term potential. The following tools are designed to help you succeed.

Influencer StrategyInfluencer Activation

No matter the industry, there is a perfect influencer for every brand, and we know how to find them. Actively working with dedicated influencers will amplify your marketing campaigns and provide you with a steady stream of quality content. Our job is to connect you to the influencers who will get people talking and acting. This will increase brand awareness, improve engagement, and motivate your audience to take action.

Network Development

We will work with you to build an influencer community of passionate brand advocates owned by your organization, allowing you to leverage them for ongoing activations. We will manage your network from beginning to end by identifying influencers, managing relations, and creating reengagement opportunities.

Content Creation and Scheduling

As much as our content strategies give influencers the freedom to be authentic, you still will have a say in content creation and scheduling. We don't want the content to look like advertising, but instead, tell a story.

Tracking and Measurement

We provide goal-oriented and data-driven KPIs before the start of every campaign. Progress is measured from start to finish to provide you with transparent, tangible insights. To save you frustration or questions along the way, we will share the most effective ways to measure and monitor your influencer marketing plan's progress.

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How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

You can’t just hire someone with 100,000 Instagram followers, ask them to “do their thing,” and sit back while the money piles up. Executing a successful influencer marketing campaign requires a blend of strategy, content creation, performance marketing, paid social media, and an integrated brand strategy.

This involves the following steps:
  • Defining your objectives and target audience
  • Planning a campaign strategy and selecting appropriate influencers
  • Creating content and promotions
  • Conducting the influencer outreach

The Process

Your influencer marketing campaign involves the following strategic steps.

1. Define the objectives and target audience

The first step is to define your KPIs and establish clear goals for your influencer marketing campaign.

3. Select the influencers and create promotions

In this step, we will find suitable influencers best equipped to introduce and promote your brand's product to viewers. With our creative team's help, influencers will record ad campaigns for your product on their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

2. Plan the campaign strategy

Next, we will prepare a campaign strategy for your brand and specific product line, taking into account your branding and previous strategies.

4. Measuring, reporting, and retargeting

In the final step, we will provide you with a detailed report analyzing the completed campaign. We will review the process and the results achieved, comparing them with the KPIs established at the start to measure your campaign’s overall success.