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DNN Content Management System

DNN (previously known as DotNetNuke) is an open-source web application framework ideal for creating, deploying, and managing interactive web, intranet, and extranet sites securely. In other words, it’s one of the best enterprise-level content management systems on the market. It’s user-friendly and delivers best-in-class security with built-in tools to ease the implementation of custom-developed extensions.

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DNN Training Computer

DNN Training

DNN is very user-friendly, but like any content management system, you’re going to need some preliminary training. Since each website is different, your density of training will look different as well. You may need simpler instructions or maybe a deep dive into the more intricate portions of your site. Our DNN instructors deliver customized learning for both individuals or groups if necessary.

Instead of reading ambiguous tutorials, learn from the source with experienced DNN developers. Each course is recorded for easy reference when problems arise or when you just can’t remember. After your training session, you’ll be able to easily manage and update your website without the worry of causing a site-wide issue.

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WordPress vs. DNN

Each site is unique, and there isn’t simply, “One content management system to rule them all.” We don’t believe that there is an absolute champion. So, you need to evaluate both the present and future of your organization. There are many similarities between WordPress and DNN, but there are also specific differences that may be critical to your business type and size.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or if this is an unfamiliar space, you can have us help you with your decision. We offer free consultations to make sure you’re making the right decision in your deliberation between WordPress and DNN.

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Wordpress versus DNN

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DNN Website Design Process

We have over 15 years of DNN experience. That’s the equivalent of a couple of generations in the real world. So, we know as well as anyone how the website design process should be carried out and the usual pitfalls to avoid.

This process begins with your website’s sitemap. This is exactly what it sounds like — a map of your website. From there, we will set up a wireframe creation that clarifies the vision of your site. Then, we move on to a graphic design mockup. This gives you an in-depth understanding of the look and feel of your future site. Lastly, our set of DNN developers will use all of that info and write the code for your dream website.

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DNN Website Hosting

With website hosting options available at any corner, it’s very tempting to find the cheapest option and jump on it. However, choosing the wrong website host can cost you in terms of security and reliability issues. That’s why we feel so strongly about the importance of a quality website host.

Foremost offers state-of-the-art web hosting with features like 24/7 system monitoring, intrusion detection, and daily off-site data backups. Our sophisticated data centers backed by the latest IBM technology ensure top-of-the-line stability, functionality, and speed. So, before you trust somebody with some server availability, check out our experienced team at Foremost that is just a quick call away.


DNN Training Computer

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Use our Project Estimator Tool

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