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Manufacturing Web Design FAQs

Why should a manufacturer have a website?

Your website is the hub of your marketing and sales efforts. As your 24/7/365 salesperson, the site allows you to be discovered online, showcase your capabilities, and generate new leads while providing resource material to your existing clients.

What content should a manufacturing website have?

Essential elements for an effective manufacturer website design include fast loading website design, tools to manage your product and parts catalogs, photo and video galleries to showcase work, document management for product catalogs, SDS, and other manuals.

Should manufacturers have an online product catalog?

Along with providing an attractive display of products, a well-built catalog organizes your products in a way that helps your users find the items they’re looking for, even when they’re not sure what they’re looking for. The goal is to quickly and easily connect your purchase-ready visitors with the products they want to buy.

Why should a manufacturer have a blog on their website?

Corporate blogging is a popular strategy for companies wishing to generate more search engine traffic. Not only can we help you build your blog, but also help you create the content to achieve your marketing goals with our in-house copywriting and inbound marketing team.

Are distributor locators important for a manufacturer's website?

A database or locator tool of retail locations or distributors placed on your website can help eliminate unnecessary phone calls and increase sales from your dealers and distributors. A store locator helps site visitors quickly find nearby locations that sell your products.

How do manufacturers generate leads online?

Creating opportunities for conversions from website traffic first takes an understanding of your buyer and puts it into a strategic plan. Consider SEO to bring visitors to the website. Make sure the site is functional and mobile-ready to keep them on the website. Demonstrate the expertise of your services with well-written content and images. Develop compelling calls to action for user engagement with contact options for phone calls, emails, and form submissions.

How much does it cost to build a website?

To determine the cost for a new website, you'll need to define your project and have your website development company provide a work statement that breaks down all of the costs. Pre-designed templates will cost less than a custom-designed site. The functionality of your website is also a consideration. It is important to remember that website design and development are not a commodity. Instead, look at the cost of your website as an investment. A cheaper upfront cost doesn't mean the site will produce a higher rate of return. Get An Instant Estimate On A New Website