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Website Design for Manufacturing Companies

The best manufacturing website designs and marketing strategies impact the bottom line by driving traffic and increasing lead conversion. Your website is a clear statement of your business' manufacturing capabilities. It can even help you attract employees.

While having a beautiful, well-designed website isn’t everything, it sure helps draw the attention of users and can increase leads and/or sales. At Foremost, we pride ourselves on highly-functional, uber-secure websites that also keep viewers intrigued at every scroll and click.

That’s why our customers fall in love with our websites — the combination of functionality and crisp design while also understanding the psychology of a website visitor. So, we welcome you to bring your ideas and dreams for your website. We’re not new to this, so chances are we can not only listen to your idea, but also add some value and perspective.

Manufacturing Website Design Necessities

There are certain design elements that every manufacturing website needs. Without them, your website might leave customers searching for answers they won’t find, might detract them from returning to your site, or might not lead them toward converting. We can help make sure your website has the essential elements, including but not limited to:

Clear and Well-Thought-Out Navigation and Site Map

When a user lands on your website, can they quickly maneuver around to find the information, services, and products they are looking for?

Appealing Visual Design

Everything on your site should align with your most recent branding. The colors, fonts, logos, images, and more should be consistent with any other marketing materials.

Mobile-Friendly Design

More and more people surf the web via phone and tablet every day, so your site needs to work well whether someone finds you on desktop or mobile.

High-Resolution Photos and Videos of Products and Services

The products or services you offer are unique to your business, so it is important to find high-quality ways to showcase them.

Clear Goals and Calls to Action

Are you encouraging users to buy? To request a sample? To fill out a form? Whichever route you choose, it should remain consistent throughout the site.

Quality Content

Content might not exactly sound like a design issue, but basing a website's images and layout on quality content, rather than basing the content off the design, is most ideal.

Top Manufacturing Designs

The most effective manufacturing company websites incorporate certain key elements that set them apart from the competition. Looks and functionality are important, of course, but the most essential ingredient in website design is providing a great user experience. Intuitive navigation, consistent branding, and prominent calls to action are a few ways to accomplish this.

Here are a few websites we like, and what they are doing right.

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Badger Color

Badger Color’s website doesn’t just look great — it earned nominations for several major design awards — but it offers modern functionality, including a navigation bar that utilizes dropdown menus; vertically scrolling content that creates a flow of information leading to colorful animations; and multiple calls to action. One thing this site does especially well: it takes advantage of the serial positioning effect, which is built upon the idea that people are more likely to remember the first and last items in a list. Displaying their most important products in this manner adds a subtle but distinctive UX element. The bold, vibrant design has a “wow” factor that does a great job of showing the visitor the client’s capabilities rather than telling them. It’s the perfect showcase for a company specializing in custom color solutions.

Check Out Badger Color's Site


Orbis Machinery

To celebrate their 10th anniversary in business, Orbis Machinery opted for a bold, modern update to their website to help them stand out from the competition. The site looks great, but the real beauty is evident in the updated usability. The site map and navigation were updated so customers are able to more easily find product downloads and information, and clear calls to action were added in the form of bright red buttons. The “Markets Served” page is a nice addition that helps make clear how their products can be used across various industries. Before and after photos were added to really illustrate the quality of their work and attention to detail. This site does a great job of showing and telling.

See the Orbis Site

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Mayville Engineering Company (MEC)

In the redesign of the Mayville Engineering Company (MEC) website, we focused on embodying MEC's ethos of simple, customer-focused, and trustworthy service. The homepage immediately establishes MEC's prominence as a leading U.S.based contract manufacturer, highlighting their status as the nation's #1 Fabricator and the broad range of their services​​. The redesign provides easy navigation to key areas such as their various capabilities, the markets they serve, news updates, and the MEC Outdoors section, each represented with clear, concise headings and engaging visuals​1. The result is a website that not only informs but also engages, reflecting MEC's commitment to customer success and simplicity.

Check out MEC Inc.

Manufacturing Website Design FAQs

What makes a manufacturing website design different from other types of web designs?

Manufacturing and industrial website design differs from others by addressing the unique needs of the sector. It focuses on presenting technical content to a specialized audience, incorporating comprehensive product catalogs, and integrating with existing business systems. Emphasizing industry-specific design elements and lead generation, a manufacturing website effectively communicates the company's value proposition while providing a user-friendly experience tailored to the manufacturing sector's distinct requirements.

How do you ensure that our manufacturing website effectively communicates our brand and products to potential clients?

To ensure your manufacturing website effectively communicates your brand and products, you must understand the target audience, incorporate your brand identity, and create a user-friendly design that highlights your product offerings and unique selling points.

What are the key elements of a successful manufacturing/industrial website design?

Key elements of a successful manufacturing/industrial website design include clear and concise messaging, intuitive navigation, responsive design, search engine optimization, integration of product catalogs, ERPs, inventory management systems, distributor tools, technical specifications, and strong calls to action.

How do you optimize manufacturing websites for search engines?

To optimize your website for search engines, you must conduct thorough keyword research, create high-quality and relevant content, ensure proper meta-tagging and schema markup, and implement SEO best practices for both on-page and off-page optimization.

How do you incorporate product catalogs and technical specifications into the website design?

Product catalogs and technical specifications need a well-organized and easily accessible database that allows users to search, filter, and browse products. The design should also visually showcase your products and highlight important specifications. Take into consideration the type of audience that will be viewing the product and what information they will need to make a decision.

How do you integrate our existing CRM, ERP, or other business systems with the website?

To integrate your CRM, ERP, or other business systems with your website, you must assess your needs to determine the extent of integration. Typical integrations use APIs, rely on custom-developed solutions, or map and transform data with flat file pushes. There should be seamless, real-time communication between systems, preserving data integrity and streamlining operations. Consider ongoing support with the development partner you choose to keep everything running smoothly between the systems.

What measures should be taken to ensure our website is secure, especially when dealing with sensitive customer data and transactions?

Website security should always be prioritized by implementing SSL certificates, using secure hosting, regularly updating software, and adhering to industry-standard security practices. Look to your web developer for guidance on implementing best practices for handling sensitive customer data and transactions.

How can you help us generate leads and increase our online presence in the manufacturing sector?

To generate leads for your manufacturing website, implement lead generation forms and develop a targeted content marketing strategy showcasing industry expertise. Optimize your website for SEO with industry-specific keywords to increase visibility. Engage with your audience on social media platforms and establish brand authority. Create targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and convert prospects. Consider online advertising options to reach potential customers actively searching for your offerings. Leverage trade shows and industry events for promotions and follow-ups. Monitor and analyze the performance of your lead generation efforts regularly, making data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Don’t just trust any web development agency that offers you the lowest bid. Your website is your ultimate first impression, so it’s something that needs to be personalized to your business and give off an impression that lasts. To guarantee that, you ought to use a web development company that knows a thing or two about the manufacturing industry. We've been building manufacturing websites for almost 20 years.

Stop looking for a generalist to handle your site. Go with the specialists at Foremost.