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UX Testing

Evaluate your navigation, design, and content and identify problems early with usability (UX) testing. You’ll take the guesswork out of creating a functional and efficient website that users enjoy visiting.

What is UX Testing?

UX testing is a method of evaluating products and services by having a group of representative users interact with them, then observing their behavior and reactions. It’s often employed before the release of a website or app, allowing researchers to gather data and uncover any design flaws or other usability problems.

Unlike other testing methods such as questionnaires and surveys, UX testing allows you to observe first hand whether participants can complete tasks easily and intuitively. It provides crucial data to help you identify and correct problems, potentially saving you time and money — not to mention bad PR!

UX Testing Stats

Sample Packages

A key advantage of UX testing is the fact that it can be performed outside of a fixed laboratory setting. Foremost Media has partnered with UsabilityHub, an independent remote user research service that offers a variety of test interfaces for gathering both quantitative and qualitative data measuring user satisfaction.

Here are a few sample packages covering different scenarios. Client issues to test include:

Are my eCommerce products/content organized properly for my audience?

Card sorting

This research method helps you discover how users group information. Testers are asked to organize topics into groups that make sense to them. The results can help guide you on strategic ways to organize your content.

First click test

This research method examines where users click first in order to complete a task. The information gathered is used to assess the effectiveness of your links and content hierarchy.

Which design element will appeal most to my audience?

Preference test

This research method is used to determine which designs users prefer, and why. Participants compare and evaluate multiple design options and choose the one they like best.

Design survey

This research method provides feedback on images, videos, and audio files. Participants answer questions related specifically to design elements, enabling you to make confident decisions.

Test my wireframe before committing to the design phase.

Navigation test

This research method analyzes how users navigate through your website by having participants complete tasks. Where they click during each step of the sequence is examined, providing you with a guide on maximizing navigability.

First click test

First click testing is useful for measuring the navigability of your website. Examining where users click first helps validate wireframes and provides you with ways to improve your information architecture.

Whether you’re looking to validate design decisions, improve landing pages, or optimize conversion rates, UX testing is a proven method for achieving those goals. Chat with an expert today to learn more about how usability testing can work for you.