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Maintaining Your WordPress Site Increases Site Health

You’ve launched your brand new WordPress site. You’re ready to create blog posts and edit your page content. Are you also ready to ensure that your site continues to run smoothly and remains free of security threats?

Why Should I Perform Regular WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress is a flexible content management system that offers the ability to install plugins to expand functionality. The trade-off is that installing multiple plugins can increase your security risk. Themes are not immune to security threats either. Therefore, performing plugin, theme, and WordPress updates on a regular basis is the best way to keep your site safe.

What Is WordPress Maintenance?

Basic WordPress maintenance involves the following tasks:

  • Update plugins
  • Update themes
  • Update WordPress
  • Verify there are no plugin conflicts
  • Review PHP error log and resolve issues
  • Test and review site functionality and appearance to ensure nothing was adversely affected by the updates

How Do I Know if My Site Has a Vulnerable Plugin or Theme?

If you’re looking to verify whether any plugins have vulnerabilities, there are tools on the internet that compile data. One such tool is the Wordfence Intelligence Vulnerability Database. You can search for each of your plugins by name and see how many vulnerabilities have been identified and when the last vulnerability occurred.

If your site is hosted by Foremost Media, we have monitoring in place that notifies us of critical vulnerabilities. When we receive these notices, we notify our clients of the plugin affected and provide an estimate to perform the work required.

How Do I Maintain My WordPress Site?

You can check and view available updates by selecting the Updates option under Dashboard in the admin menu on the upper left. If there are updates available, there will be a number next to the Updates menu item.

For those who prefer a hands-on approach to maintaining your site, we recommend performing the following in order since plugins should have backward compatibility:

  1. Update plugins one at a time (Plugins>Installed plugins), checking the site functionality and appearance after each plugin is installed. If there are any issues, you will need to contact Foremost Media support to revert the site.
  2. After plugins are updated, update any themes (Appearance>Themes). Again check the site for any adverse effects.
  3. Update WordPress (Dashboard>At a Glance Widget) and check site functionality (including editing) and appearance.

If you prefer to keep your site updated without having to perform the work yourself, consider purchasing a WordPress maintenance agreement. Our support team will handle maintenance of your WordPress site for you on a monthly basis. Incorporating regularly scheduled maintenance into your routine ensures your WordPress site remains a healthy, secure tool to help you accomplish your digital marketing goals. Interested in learning more about a maintenance agreement? Reach out to us today for expert advice and support tailored to your needs.

Wordpress Maintenance FAQ’s

How often should I perform maintenance on my WordPress site?

We suggest monthly maintenance as a starting point. However, if you’re on your site regularly, we suggest checking for plugin updates when you’re logged into the Dashboard.

I do not see a plugins menu item in my Dashboard; where is it?

Sites built by Foremost Media do not have the plugins menu item available to administrators at launch. This was a carefully considered decision since it does restrict your ability to modify your site. We opted to have you request access instead, so you can be properly informed of possible outcomes during updates and any costs associated should you need to request disaster recovery. You can request access to be able to view and install plugins on your site.

Can I update plugins and themes without backing up the site beforehand?

While we discourage updating plugins and themes, etc., without creating a backup point, if you choose to do so, we advise you perform the work earlier in the day in case you need to request a restoration of the site using the daily checkpoint automatically created by our hosting.

Can I install a plugin to perform backups?

We discourage the use of backup plugins because they can bloat your site and may store the files in an insecure manner. Our nightly backups occur off-peak and are stored in a secure location separate from your WordPress site.

How do I know if there’s a WordPress update available?

Wordpress at a glance widget

Go to the Dashboard and locate the “At a Glance” widget. It displays your current version of WordPress. If it’s out of date, it will display an “Update to…” button next to it.


What steps are included in a standard WordPress maintenance routine?

A comprehensive WordPress maintenance routine typically includes updating plugins and themes, checking for WordPress core updates, optimizing website speed, ensuring security measures are up to date, scanning for malware, and performing site backups. Regularly reviewing your website's analytics to understand visitor behavior can also be part of this routine.

How can I improve the security of my WordPress site during maintenance?

Improving your WordPress site's security should be a key component of your maintenance routine. This can be achieved by implementing strong passwords, installing a reputable security plugin, enabling two-factor authentication, regularly updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins to their latest versions, and ensuring your hosting environment is secure.

Why is it important to backup my site before performing updates?

Backing up your site before updates is crucial because it ensures you have a recent copy of your website should anything go wrong during the update process. Updates can sometimes cause compatibility issues or even break your site, and having a backup allows you to restore your website to its previous state.

How can I optimize my WordPress site's performance during maintenance?

Optimizing your site's performance involves several steps such as optimizing images, utilizing caching solutions, updating to the latest PHP version, minimizing the use of plugins, and optimizing your site’s database. These actions can significantly improve loading times, enhance user experience, and positively impact your site’s SEO.

About WordPress and Foremost Media

WordPress is a cornerstone of modern web development, offering an intuitive platform equipped with a rich array of themes and plugins. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to establish a compelling online presence. At Foremost Media, we maximize WordPress's potential to transform your digital aspirations into reality. Our skilled WordPress developers and designers specialize in customizing WordPress to meet your specific requirements, ensuring your website not only looks great but functions seamlessly. Our comprehensive WordPress maintenance services guarantee that your site stays updated, secure, and optimized, ensuring top-notch performance at all times. With Foremost Media, you're partnering with a team that not only excels in technical proficiency but also adopts a strategic approach to web development and maintenance. This ensures your online presence is not just maintained but thrives, reflecting your business's goals and values. From design and development to WordPress SEO & Hosting, entrust your WordPress needs to us, and let's elevate your web experience to new heights, making your site a standout in the vast digital landscape.