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Wordpress FAQs

If I don't know HTML, is it easy to edit a Wordpress site?

For sites built by Foremost Media, we use Divi or Elementor builders to populate the site. To see what those builder are like, you can view tutorials available in our support information.

I just created a new page for my site. How do I get it to show in the menu?

In the Dashboard, go to Appearance>Menus. You can then search for the new page in the left-hand pages box, click the checkbox next to the page name and click the "Add to Menu" button. Then select the new item and drag it into the desired position in the menu. Note: your site may have multiple menus, check the structure before proceeding with adding the new page to ensure you're modifying the right menu.

Is Wordpress, my site's plugins and theme automatically updated?

We do automatically update Wordpress on the site we host to keep current with the latest security updates. Plugins and themes are not auto-updated because conflicts could occur and cause the website to lose functionality or break in appearance. We recommend to perform these updates manually to limit the possibility of a conflict occurring without notice. We do offer Wordpress Maintenance agreements where you purchase a block of time that is used each month to upgrade the plugins and theme. During this process, the site is checked for errors and conflicts and they are resolved. If this is something you're interested in, contact our Support team.

I currently do not have blog posts on my site. I've added a post and it's not showing up anywhere. How do I get my new blog post to show?

In Wordpress, you need to specify where your blog posts should display. This is usually a matter of setting the page you want them to display on in the Homepage settings. Create a new page you want them to display on. Select that page in the theme settings (Appearance>Customize>Homepage Settings). Then add your new page to the menu. If this is something you'd like us to handle for you, contact our Support team.

How do I upload files to my Wordpress site?

When logged in on your site, go to Media in the Dashboard and select "Add New". From there you can upload files by browsing your computer or drop the file into the upload field.

Can I sell products on my Wordpress site?

Yes. The most commonly used e-commerce plugin for Wordpress is WooCommerce. There are also other options such as Shopify buttons for example. If you're interested in adding e-commerce functionality to your Wordpress site, contact our Support team and they can assist you with finding the right solution to fit your needs.