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nopCommerce Sample Sites

Other agencies claim to have experience creating nopCommerce websites, but few create every aspect of the website in-house. From back-end development to front-end and graphic design, our U.S.-based team does it all. 

Our office is located in the Midwest. Wisconsin to be specific. And what they say about midwestern values is true (at least we hope to prove it).

We don’t outsource any of our work like some other nopCommerce web development companies. Our team of certified nopCommerce developers is led by our CTO and Co-Founder, Andy Walker. We are large enough to offer you the redundancy you need to feel secure, but not so big that you lose all the personal touch and familiarity you deserve.

But you don't have to just take our word for it. Check out what the team from WPS had to say:


Screen shot of WPS Nop Com Website"We engaged Foremost Media after frustrations with our relationship with another nopCommerce development shop (let’s refer to this company BS for lack of a better name). We decided to switch to Foremost after frustrations with scoping, cost, quality, performance, delivery and management of our project with BS. Company BS believed in billable hours only. Everything was chargeable, including bugs and poor functionality created by them and the rework required to fix them. Total disaster! We thought we had vetted them out as we had conversations with other shops that had used them. But oh well….you live and learn, and this was an expensive lesson.

Foremost Media evaluated a partially finished nopCommerce solution developed by BS. They were able to quickly assess and compare our requirements to the partially finished product and provide estimates for completion and testing on a fixed-price basis. They quickly established themselves as authorities and partners we were longing for. They delivered the product on time and under budget (if you consider the extra work they did without charging us) with positive can-do attitude, and focus on delivery of positive customer experience. Their culture is awesome. It starts from the top and is nurtured and practiced by everyone in the company we encountered.

Our only regret was not working with Foremost Media from the start, as this would have provided a better experience in providing the functionality, performance, cost, quality and the overall relationship we were looking for. We highly recommend them and will use them again when needed.


Lisa + Matt + Armen + rest of the WPS team"


Humbling to say the least and we strive to make sure everyone has the same experience.

Our team has made hundreds of nopCommerce websites and custom modules. Click on the thumbnails to see some examples of our nopCommerce website development and design work. If you’re looking for industry-specific examples, Check out our portfolio