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nopCommerce E-Commerce Solutions

Foremost provides customers with a well-trained, experienced team to set up, monitor, and customize your nopCommerce site. We have plenty of experience in the e-commerce space, so we understand the importance and gravity of a decision such as choosing the right solution. We are a nopCommerce Solution Partner and recommend the e-commerce platform to our customers.

nopCommerce is the most popular open-source ASP.NET e-commerce content management system in the world based on Microsoft technologies. Its modular design allows for wide customization, though the user-friendly functionality prevents the need for extensive customizations. It’s also completely free — no hidden fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees some shopping carts try to tack on.

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NopCommerce Training

nopCommerce Training

For those unfamiliar with nopCommerce and its shopping cart, Foremost offers customized training based on your website. General nopCommerce tutorials can be ambiguous and won’t necessarily fit the specific needs of your website.

We also offer advanced nopCommerce training with more difficult topics to master like file structures and custom module development. We also record each of the training sessions, so you can refer back to the material or show it to new employees working on your website.


nopCommerce Website Design Process

Need a new website built in nopCommerce?

The nopCommerce design process has the same bones as our other content management systems. We start with a sitemap that acts as the blueprint for your website, then move on to a wireframe creation that uses basic boxes and lines to lay the groundwork for your website design.

Once the wireframe is approved, our talented team of graphic designers will create a complete mockup of your website where your team will have the opportunity to make tweaks and changes as needed. Lastly, our team of developers will use the approved designs, sitemap, and wireframes to write the needed code for a fully-functional website.


NopCommerce Website Design Process
NopCommerce Sample Sites

nopCommerce Sample Sites

At Foremost Media, we have a talented group of developers, programmers, and designers that have years of experience creating nopCommerce websites. We are one of very few agencies that create every aspect of those websites in-house.

Our team has crafted hundreds of custom websites and modules for nopCommerce, so feel free to click through and check out some of our examples.


nopCommerce Website Features

When it comes to product management, store marketing or shipping, there are a litany of nopCommerce features that will help your site run, and sell, successfully.

When it comes to products, show your customers side-by-side comparisons, attributes, pricing, and much more.

Trying to boost your marketing? Try adding a rewards system, coupons, newsletter subscriptions, or product reviews.

And shipping is easy with features ready to estimate shipping costs based on particular shipping methods, etc.

Let us help you find and determine the best features for your particular business.


NopCommerce Website Features
NopCommerce Website Hosting

nopCommerce Website Hosting

In-House Development

Your website is a valuable resource, so you can’t afford to spend your money on a cheap host. At Foremost, we offer a few hosting options based on your needs at various price points. Take a look at the characteristics of each of the hosting options and find which one will work best for your site.

From storage differences to internal uptime monitoring, you have the ability to choose certain features while assuring that even our most basic package will keep your site secure and reliable.