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Technical SEO For Businesses

Your website could have the best content in the world that is tailored to the most relevant high volume keywords for your products and services, but none of that matters if Google isn't able to properly crawl, index, and understand your content. That is where Technical SEO comes in. This includes making sure your website isn't slow, is mobile-friendly, doesn't have a bunch of broken links and error pages, and a lot more. 

Technical SEO

A Closer Look At Technical SEO

When most people think about search engine optimization (SEO), they think about the facets of it that are most visible— page titles, headline tags, site content, etc.

But much of SEO — especially Technical SEO — is behind the scenes. And without it, target keywords and great content mean very little.

Technical SEO is about making sure that the search engines can crawl and index your pages so that they are even able to be ranked in the first place.

Search engines like Google crawl websites, essentially reading the content on a site’s pages and also scanning for links on those pages to help determine the value of the content. They are looking for sites that are well-structured and easy for users to navigate, sites that are not bogged down by extra code or oversized images and other media, and sites that don’t include broken links or URLs that return error pages.

Foremost Media’s digital marketing team includes Technical SEO specialists, who have years of experience working to make sure websites are healthy and able to be indexed by search engines.

Our team will run regular site audits to make sure yours is meeting all performance standards. Some of the things our team will look for include: making sure all of your pages, outbound links, and inbound links work properly and do not deliver error pages to your site’s visitors; adding schema markup, which can help Google understand your site and content better; monitoring page speed metrics; reviewing your site to ensure it is mobile-friendly; and more.

If all of this sounds a little — ahem — technical to you, that’s OK. We have a team of experts and use the best tools in the industry to keep your site running optimally and ranking on page one of search results.

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Getting Technical

Getting Technical

Technical SEO is vital to the success of your website, and we can’t emphasis that enough. Think of it as the spine of your website; without it, your website is just a bunch of fluff and mush that won’t stand up to a good or even a mediocre search engine.


Driven By Results

Driven By Results

A skincare/tanning lotion company turned to Foremost Media when it lost nearly all its traffic after an in-house website redesign. We sprung into action by compiling and implementing redirects, and traffic levels nearly immediately returned to normal levels.


Why You Aren’t Ranking

Why You Aren’t Ranking

Have you ever gone to Google and typed in a keyword that your business should be ranking for, but your site is nowhere to be found? Here are 10 tips to help improve your rankings, especially those that mean the most to you.