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Welcome to the Foremost Media Podcast

Don’t waste your commute, workout, or whatever else you use Podcasts for by listening to some “marketer” drone on about nothing for 30 minutes. Jon Ballard, Evan Facinger, and top marketing professionals give you actionable marketing insights you can use to grow your business, advance your career, and make everyone you know jealous.

Foremost Podcasts Logo Meeting Customers Where They are w/ Geofencing In this podcast episode, Evan Facinger and Jon Ballard discuss geo-fencing in marketing, discussing its benefits for targeting ads at trade shows, recruiting, and competitor analysis, emphasizing the importance of creative ads and platform choice. View Details Foremost Podcasts Logo Data Diving with SEO Audits Hosts Evan Facinger and Jon Ballard dive deep into the world of SEO audits. They explore the significance of understanding and prioritizing different types of SEO audits, including technical, content, and competitor analysis. Evan and Jon discuss the complexities of technical SEO audits, emphasizing the importance of site crawlability, page speed, and the structure of a website in the eyes of search engines like Google. They also tackle common misconceptions and strategies around disavowing toxic backlinks, highlighting the nuanced opinions among marketers. Our hosts provide valuable insights on identifying and leveraging fringe keywords, and the impact of on-page optimizations. View Details Foremost Podcasts Logo 2023 in Review: AI and the Future of Marketing Join Evan Facinger and Jon Ballard as they reflect on the changes that came to marketing in 2023. AI, while extremely useful, has been used by many as a new way to farm content. Short Form Video has officially taken center stage as something businesses can no longer ignore. GA4 has fully replaced Universal Analytics. Voice Search has become normalized in the average household. There's so much to learn from last year and even more to adapt to in this year to come. View Details