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Welcome to the Foremost Media Podcast

Don’t waste your commute, workout, or whatever else you use Podcasts for by listening to some “marketer” drone on about nothing for 30 minutes. Jon Ballard, Evan Facinger, and top marketing professionals give you actionable marketing insights you can use to grow your business, advance your career, and make everyone you know jealous.

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How to Win Over Millennials w/ Nikki Johnson of Domino

Welcome back to the Foremost Media Marketing Chat Podcast! In this episode we spoke with Nikki Johnson, the director of marketing over at Domino North America. Nikki is a high risk, high reward marketer who's been in the game for over 2 1/2 decades and has quite a few successes under her belt. So many, in fact, that Jon Ballard called Domino "one of the best marketing companies out there". Today she spoke on how to engage the Millenial buyer, her trade show successes, and a particular win involving Foremost, Coding, and Guitar Hero!

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A to B on Marketing to the C-Suite w/ Laurie Andres of Nord Drivesystems

Welcome back to the Foremost Media Marketing Chat Podcast! In this episode we spoke with Laurie Andres, the marketing manager over at NORD Drivesystems. Originally in IT, she started doing freelance web design on the side. Eventually she made the switch and hasn't looked back! Today, she spoke with us on her interactions with the C-suite, how easy rich media content can be, and how to do social media right! (and that comes from experience)

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Navigating a New Internet w/ Kevin Pawlowski of Chemtronics/Techspray

In this episode we spoke with Kevin Pawlowski, the marketing and communications manager over at ITW Contamination Control Electronics/Chemtronics/Techspray on what it means to be a marketing professional in the manufacturing industry, why he's called "The Father of Spam", and the changes in digital marketing over the course of 30 years!

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