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NOP Site Maintenance Benefits

When it comes to running an e-commerce site like nopCommerce, it’s easy to focus on the important things such as ensuring that the checkout process works and that you’re being notified when an order is placed. While core store functionality is important to your success, so is the regular maintenance of your nopCommerce store.

What Is nopCommerce Maintenance?

nopCommerce has a number of tools in the admin area of the site that allow for performing standard maintenance functions. The following options are available for performing maintenance:

  • Deleting guest customers
  • Deleting old exported files
  • Deleting abandoned shopping carts
  • Reindexing database tables
  • Database backups
  • Deleting previously sent emails

Screen Shot Of The nopCommerce Maintance Screen Window:Screen Shot Of The Maintenance Window In Nop Commerce

Why Should I Perform Regular Maintenance?

The largest benefit of regular maintenance is keeping your database size in check. Your store tracks shopping carts, and if they do not convert to a sale, that data is increasing the size of your database. Keeping the database size down also benefits your pocketbook. A growing database may incur an increase in hosting charges if you exceed the limit for your hosting plan. It’s also slowing down processing of some functions because it has to comb through more data to return the information that needs to be displayed on a given page.

How Do I Maintain My nopCommerce Site?

For those of you who have the time to take a hands-on approach to maintaining your store, you can access the Maintenance option under the System menu. The most beneficial functions are deleting guest customers, abandoned shopping carts, and previously sent emails, because they directly affect the database. For each of the options, you need to determine how much data you wish to keep. We suggest keeping 30 days for the guest customers and abandoned shopping carts. There’s no need to keep more since it’s really just a courtesy. Regarding deleting previously sent emails, this is something you may wish to discuss within your organization. These records are located in the Message Queue in the System menu. The message data allows you to view the messages sent, so it does hold information you may find useful.

In the video below,  The Foremost Media Support team will take you on a quick guided tour of how to perform site maintenance in nopCommerce:

Maintenance Agreements

Purchasing a maintenance agreement allows you to take a hands-off approach. Our support team will handle maintenance tasks for you on a monthly basis.  If you're interested in fully managed hosting with a Foremost Media maintenance agreement, please contact us today.

Incorporating regularly scheduled maintenance into your operational routine ensures your nopCommerce site remains a robust, efficient platform, enhancing both user experience and your bottom line. Interested in learning more about how to optimize your nopCommerce site or considering a maintenance agreement? Reach out to us today for expert advice and support tailored to your needs.

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NOP Maintanence Agreement FAQs

How often should I perform maintenance on my nopCommerce site?

Maintenance frequency depends on how much traffic you have on your site. If you get a lot of traffic generating a significant number of guest users and abandoned carts, you should perform maintenance more often. We suggest monthly maintenance as a starting point.

How does deleting abandoned shopping carts affect customers?

Deleting abandoned carts empties the shopping cart if customers do not checkout. This is a common occurrence on e-commerce sites. If you add items to the cart as a guest and do not checkout, you may go back to the site a few weeks later and find your cart is empty.

How do I delete guest customers?

  1. Set the start date by entering a date in the input area or click the calendar icon and choose the starting date.
  2. Set the end date. Enter a date in the input area or click the calendar icon and choose the ending date.
  3. Mark the Only without shopping cart checkbox if you need to delete guests customers that do not have a shopping cart list or wishlist. If unchecked, all guest customers will be deleted on that range of dates you set.
  4. Click the Delete button.
  5. A notification will show how many items were deleted.