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Google Review Link Generator

Google reviews are undeniably important for all businesses (not just local businesses). The quality and quantity of your Google reviews not only impacts your search engine ranking, but also your potential customer's perception.

There are several innovative and semi-automated programs that can help your business continually build reviews from customers that we would love to show you. In the short term, one of the most effective ways we’ve found to build a good base of positive reviews is a personal campaign. A personal campaign involves you and your colleagues personally reaching out to your best customers and simply asking them to leave a positive review about your business. To help make it easy for your customers to leave a positive review for your business on Google, we've built a tool that will create a link to your business location’s Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) reviews. To get started, simply type in your business name below and hit enter.



Frequently Asked Questions About Google Reviews

Where do I find my Google reviews?

Google Reviews are integrated with Google My Business (GMB). All positive and negative reviews can be found in the business' Google My Business admin panel, search listing or on the Business location in Google Maps.

How do you respond to negative Google Reviews?

A negative review can hurt your business. By responding to negative reviews, you can address the concerns other potential customers may have from the review. The key is to helpful and understanding, not confrontational. A poor response to a negative review can hurt you more than the review itself. You can respond by logging into the Google My Business Admin and clicking on Reviews.  We've created a blog post that has some great advice on responding to negative Google reviews here.

Can inappropriate Google reviews be removed?

Find the offending review on your Google My Business listing, Google Maps or within your Google My Business admin. Each listing has a "flag as inappropriate" icon that will initiate a review by Google My Business support when clicked or tapped. At this point, you will need to be patient for Google to make their determination to remove or not. If it's not removed and you still deem the review inappropriate, you can reach out to GMB Support and ask for removal.

How can I get more Google Reviews?

There are some automated strategies on getting these, but one of the most effective ways to build a good base of positive reviews is by asking in a personal email campaign. Reach out to your best 30 - 40 customers, suppliers, vendors and business contacts. In your email, be sure to include a link to add a review on your Google My Business listing. Your emails should be sent individually and not part of a mass email for a more personal touch.