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nopCommerce FAQs

I'd like to add a new informational page to my NOP store. How do I do that?

You can create the new 'page' as a topic. Your theme will need to be modified to include it in the menu. Please submit a ticket including the new topic name, the location you want it added in the menu and the new menu item's name.

Do I need to perform any maintenance on my NOP store?

We do recommended performing maintenance on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on how much traffic you have. In the Admin menu under System, select Maintenance. From there, we recommend deleting guest customers using the date select to keep the past week or 30 days worth (dependent on how much time you want to allow Guests to be able to go back to their cart and place an order). Delete abandoned carts using the same methodology. This process helps keep the database size in check by not storing more info than what is needed. Over time large database size can make calls to the database take longer and slow down some processes on your site.

How do I change the payment gateway on my store?

The change can be made via the site's admin. With the possibility of it affecting the ability to process orders if done improperly, we advise you submit a support ticket to have our support team implement the change. Before selecting a new payment gateway provider, we suggest you touch base with the support team to ensure the gateway you wish to use has a plugin available for NOP; otherwise, custom development would be required. Foremost Media partners with which does have a NOP plugin available.

How do I view orders in my NOP store?

You can view a brief tutorial to show you how to view order info on our NOP Tutorials page.

Can I create discounts for free shipping or holiday sales?

NOP Commerce has native functionality for creating simple discounts such as free shipping or a percentage off your order. It allows for use of coupon codes as well. You can view a brief tutorial to show you how to view order info on our NOP Tutorials page.