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Project Estimator

Use Our Interactive Tool to Get an Estimate on a Custom Website Build or Custom Redesign.

Immediately on completion you will get a rough estimate of what it could take Foremost Media to complete your project.
Click this icon for more information about each answer.

Fixed Cost or Base

Just like you wouldn’t build a house without doors, a website development project has a few fixed costs that shouldn’t be ignored. Without these key pieces, your website project will be lacking crucial elements.

Website Look and Feel

We have broken down our design services into four levels, Simple, Advanced, High End, and World Class. Choose the design level closest to your goals for your website as well as any other help you may want with design such as a wireframe

Custom Layout

Content Population

When we reach the content population stage, we will be adding and styling the product/service pages on your website. Select the approximate number of pages your site will have.

Number Of Pages


With the design in place, our development team will begin writing the code needed to deliver a fully functional website. Web design best practices, such as cross browser compatibility, optimized code for top-performance and minimal load times will be a constant focus during the build process.

Custom Functionality

Many companies need more than basic functionality with their website. On the side, you can see a list of common modules we implement on our websites. Select any that you want us to implement on the new website.


Just developing a website isn’t enough in many cases. That is where our marketing team comes in. With the options on the right, we can make sure your website is found online by your potential customers.