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Custom Development

Your business has unique needs. Don’t get pigeon-holed into software that was built for someone else. 

Custom development from Foremost Media puts your team in the driver’s seat. Whether it is a custom CMS or business operations software, our team will help you design, create, deploy, and even maintain your custom software. We can even help you modify existing open-source software tools to make them work exactly the way you need them to. 

We specialize in C#, .NET Framework, and .NET Core. We also have expertise in JavaScript, Web API, SqlServer, and integration with multiple third-party APIs.

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Our Custom Development Process

Our Custom Development Process

Avoid the headaches, frustration, and wasted money with a detailed plan from the beginning. We will help you develop a scope that considers all of the different avenues and potential pitfalls. This includes a robust discovery process and wireframes outlining the functionality your custom-developed software needs.

Assumptions in development are dangerous. This approach allows us to be on the same page, eliminating most possible assumptions before we even begin the prototyping phase. Once the development is complete, it becomes software you own. At this point, either your team can take control, or you can continue to utilize ours for ongoing maintenance and support.

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