Advanced Fittings Catalog

Advance Fittings manufactures stainless steel fittings and components from a facility in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. They had multiple outdated product catalogs that they wanted to combine into a single larger catalog with an updated modern design and approached Foremost Media for help with the project.

Photo Shoot for Updated Imagery

One of the most pressing concerns with the client’s older catalogs was the outdated imagery. We scheduled an onsite photo shoot that focused on lifestyle photography showcasing their building and employees. We also photographed individual products for inclusion in each section of the catalog.

Catalog Mimics Website for Consistent Branding

To create continuity, we structured the layout of the catalog to mimic the product structure of the client’s website and incorporated the same color scheme to ensure consistent branding. Including photos of employees enjoying their work helped personalize Advance Fittings by emphasizing a warmer, more human feel and dynamic.


Advanced Fittings’ new catalog successfully combines all existing individual brochures into one modern, visually appealing 104-page catalog. In addition to the client’s entire product line, the catalog features a corporate history page, mission statement, and information on industries served. High quality images complement schematic drawings and technical specifications to provide customers with in-depth information and resources. The client is very happy that they now have a single source for showcasing everything they do.  

Our work isn’t limited to website design and development. If you are in need of new collateral such as a product catalog, we can help create a printed brochure you’ll be proud to hand out to prospective and current customers. Contact us today for a free quote!