All Recreation Case Study

All Recreation is a Burke Representative and distinguished commercial playground company with over 30 years of experience, dedicated to creating high-quality recreational spaces across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Faced with the challenges of an evolving digital landscape, All Recreation partnered with Foremost Media to enhance their online presence, optimize for local SEO, and effectively reach a broader audience.


In Their Own Words: All Recreation Reflects on Their Digital Journey with Foremost Media

We started working with Foremost in 2018, several years after we became representatives for Burke. Our first project together was a website transformation. We wanted to have our website tie seamlessly into Burke’s branding. Foremost did a great job helping us navigate the transition and we created a site that not only showcases Burke products but also promotes the brand identity we had established in our territory over many years.

After tackling the website, we decided to have Foremost help with our SEO optimization. The online landscape was becoming more and more competitive, and we felt that our site was buried beneath online ads and the national manufacturers. We worked with Foremost to identify key search terms and make adjustments to our website to ensure that we were coming up locally when people were searching for “commercial playgrounds” and other key search terms. After learning from our Foremost Account Manager that online reviews were an important ranking factor with search engines, we began a campaign to increase our five-star reviews from customers. With time and effort, we consistently rank locally on many keywords and have made considerable progress on overall page ranking. This is not a perfect science and is ever-changing, so it has been very helpful to have Foremost there to guide us and keep watch on our positioning month over month.

The final component of our online strategy with Foremost has been consistent Google Ad spend. Foremost helped us design our ads based on their expertise with Burke and other representatives throughout the country. We were able to learn what our competitor distributors were spending on ads and with this information, we determined a good range for our own ad spend. With dedication to this effort, we have driven more traffic to our site and increased the quantity/quality of our leads. In one underdeveloped area of our territory, we were able to double our leads.”
-Alyssa from All Recreation

Strategy and Implementation

This case study focuses on the successful implementation of a local SEO strategy for a business. The goal was to improve the online visibility and search engine rankings of the business in its local area. The implementation involved various techniques and tactics to optimize the business’s online presence and attract more local customers. Below are a few examples of the achievements accomplished and steps taken:

Keyword Research

We identified several local search terms that showed a high volume of local search results related to their business. For example, the search term “commercial playground installation Virginia” has over 1,000 searches a month. This was one of our targets.

With that keyword in mind, we created a new page for each state and area they serve and focused on that geographical area and their services including “Commercial Playground Installation” “Commercial playground installation” is ranked in position 1 in all tracked locations generating a large number of relevant visitors to their website each month - In other words when someone types in “Commercial Playground Installation Virginia” or in other states that All Recreation Services their newly created “Areas We Serve” page appears. Through the identification of relevant local search terms and the creation of content that the search engines like we’ve been able to continue to greatly increase organic search traffic and visibility on the All Rec. site year over year as the graph below shows:

  • 92% Increase in site traffic year over year
  • 78% Increase in page views year over year
  • Site submitted to 132 live local business listings
  • 62% local listings found and crawled by search engines

In addition, we’ve done a lot of work with All Rec’s local search listings on popular search engines like Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yelp. Accurate and consistent information, including the business name, address, phone number, and operating hours, was provided to these engines to improve local search visibility.

Ongoing Website Enhancement

Foremost Media meticulously transformed All Recreation’s basic Burke Template Website into a more dynamic, content-rich, and personalized platform. The new design was strategically reimagined to not only showcase their services but also to reflect the unique identity and expertise of the All Recreation team.

Key enhancements included:

Geographical Content Expansion:

The website now prominently features projects and expertise specific to each state within their service area, catering to the local SEO needs and demonstrating their extensive reach and capability across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Staff and Leadership Highlight:

A significant focus was placed on personalizing the site with welcome messages from John, the owner, and detailed staff pages. This approach put a face to the name, showcasing the skilled and experienced individuals behind All Recreation’s success. It also helped in building trust and a more personal connection with the site visitors.

Calls to Action:

Strategically placed calls to action were incorporated throughout the site. These prompts are designed to engage visitors effectively, encouraging them to explore services, connect with the team, or start a project inquiry, thus driving interaction and potential leads.

Continuous Content Updates:

The sales pages receive regular updates to ensure that the content remains fresh, relevant, and appealing. This ongoing effort keeps the website in line with current trends and customer needs, thereby enhancing the user experience and engagement. The redesigned website not only improved All Recreation’s online presence but also significantly amplified their ability to connect with and serve their diverse clientele effectively.

Digital Marketing Tactics

  • PPC Campaigns: Targeted campaigns across different geographical areas were implemented, focusing on lead generation.
  • Technical SEO: Special emphasis was placed on Schema markup, enhancing All Recreation’s visibility and search engine ranking.

Review Campaigns and Social Proof

  • A robust campaign to increase Google reviews was launched, with notable success. These reviews were then prominently featured on the website, serving as powerful social proof and additional engaging content

PPC Campaign Restructuring, Results and Impact

  • Restructuring: After reviewing the PPC account a complete campaign restructuring was performed. Before the restructuring the ad campaigns were generating a high volume of traffic but generating very little leads. During the restructuring process, we were able to eliminate a large amount of non-performing traffic which resulted in the budget being spent more efficiently.
  • Increased Leads: Leads increased from 20 during the same period in 2022 to 80 leads year to date in 2023. An increase of 300%.
  • Improved Conversions: Conversion rates increase from 0.08% to 1.6%.
  • Customer Quote: Placeholder for a quote from All Recreation praising Foremost Media’s work.


The collaborative partnership between All Recreation and Foremost Media has been instrumental in achieving extraordinary outcomes. A key to this success was the active and engaged participation of All Recreation throughout the process. Their involvement ensured that the digital strategy was not only tailored to their specific needs but also aligned perfectly with their brand ethos and business goals.

This dynamic approach has led to significant enhancements in online visibility, lead generation, and customer engagement for All Recreation. The journey of their digital transformation stands as a testament to Foremost Media’s expertise in delivering comprehensive digital solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. It highlights the importance of a synergistic client-agency relationship in driving real, impactful business results.

The case study serves as a powerful example of how proactive client involvement, coupled with Foremost Media’s strategic acumen, can create a potent formula for digital success.

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