Chemtronics / Techspray Case Study


Chemtronics and Techspray are sister companies that manufacture chemicals, cleaners, and assorted support products for the electronics, aviation, electrical, and telecommunications industries, as well as plant and equipment maintenance. They focus on developing innovative products including solvents, degreasers, swabs, wipes, and repair tools

The Challenge

Both websites had multilingual options (English/Spanish). Optimization efforts were successful on the English sites, which saw impressive growth, but the Spanish versions lagged behind. Our challenge was threefold: to improve their Spanish keyword rankings, increase organic traffic, and boost online visibility. 

The Solution

Foremost Media worked with a professional translator rather than relying on a third-party app or less experienced service to intentionally optimize Spanish content across both sites. As our team optimized the English sections of each site, we provided content to the translator for direct Spanish translations. With this information, the translator was able to improve their header structure, implement H1 and H2 tags for improved indexing, add hreflang tags to inform search engines of the language variations, and update the sitemap for re-indexing.

The Results

With Spanish language optimizations in place, both websites saw improvements. On Google Search Console, total search engine impressions for Chemtronics Mexico increased from 258,000 in 2022 to 1.02 million for the same period (April – June) in 2023. Total clicks nearly tripled, going from 4.77K to 12.8K. Techspray Mexico’s numbers also improved, though not as dramatically; total impressions rose from 452,000 to 703,000, and total clicks increased from 9.62K to 12.4K. 

Google Analytics showed similar positive results. Overall organic sessions for Chemtronics Mexico increased 106.2%, and the numbers of users and new users increased at the same rate (100.3% and 105.4% respectively). Despite the higher numbers, the bounce rate decreased by 0.6% — a pretty impressive achievement. For Techspray Mexico, organic sessions were up 16.3%, users increased 17.5%, new users jumped 16.6%, and the bounce rate decreased 2.5%. 


For the next phase of this ongoing project, Foremost Media will work on an internal linking structure for the Spanish pages.

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