Dukane Case Study

dukane medical case study mockup

Dukane is a global provider of plastic welders for the welding of thermoplastic materials for several industries including the medical industry. The page for this industry was out of date however and did not allow customers to access their webinars on the topic.

dukane medical page split

Improving User Experience

The goal was to completely rework Dukane’s Medical Market page to update its layout and ultimately to make it more user-friendly. With this focus on revamping the user experience (UX), Foremost Media undertook a comprehensive redesign, introducing a new and updated layout that reflected the latest in web design trends and best practices. This modernized layout was engineered to facilitate easier navigation and ensure that users could effortlessly find the information they were looking for.

Adding Functionality

The revamp of Dukane's Medical Market Page needed to go beyond aesthetics. Originally, the webinars associated with the Medical page were locked behind a login so customers couldn’t access it. Obviously, this needed to change so we got to work unlocking these webinars.  Additionally, as part of this project, we leveraged the standard DNN registration process but added functionality that allowed users who registered to be synced with ActOn. This required some customization of the standard registration module to allow for this functionality. This update also blacklisted certain email accounts from accessing the webinars which block competitors of Dukane from registering for access.

dukane medical page webinar functionality

The Results

Dukane’s new Medical Market page successfully elevates the user experience. Users can now enjoy an intuitive layout, easier access to information, and unrestricted access to webinars, enriching their learning and engagement with Dukane's expertise. Plus, they can now track registered users in Act-On and by blacklisting certain email addresses, they can stay competitive.

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