Jobs in Rock County Case Study

Summary is a talent recruitment and matchmaking tool for area employers and job seekers located in the greater Rock County and Stateline area. The Rock County Development Alliance needed a way to streamline job recruitment and retention for area employers, recruiters, and prospective job seekers. Foremost Media created a custom DNN module to serve as the area's one-stop employment information portal to satisfy the need.

Single-source online tool for talent recruitment

Rock County 5.0 is a public/private economic development initiative designed to reposition and revitalize Rock County's economy. The initiative focuses on five economic development strategies: Business Retention and Expansion, Business and Investment Attraction, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Positioning, and Workforce Profiling.

When Rock County-area employers expressed a collective need for a comprehensive, single-source online tool to help with their talent recruitment and retention efforts, it became clear that a standard job portal would not satisfy all of the individual requirements of area employers and third-party recruiters.


Foremost Media developed a custom job portal tool for so the website could serve as a one-stop employment information resource for Rock County-area employers, recruiters, and job seekers. The custom job portal features an easy-to-use online job posting interface that allows registered users create, save, and update job-posting templates. The custom portal also provides area employers and recruiters with real-time applicant information through an integrated, prequalified candidate-sharing mechanism. The portal also enables area employers and recruiters to send automated and customized messages to qualified applicants.

The recent launch of provides area job seekers with a single source for area employment and job information. Area job seekers can search and apply for available positions directly from the website. The custom job portal also allows registered job seekers to save their personal information for any future job applications.

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