Site Analysis

We began this project by reviewing the site analytics from several sources and developed visitor personas. This insight allowed us to go beyond simply applying modern design trends for manufacturing companies and instead focused primarily of improving the overall user experience. 

With a deeper understanding of the target market we were not only able to improve the look of the website, but also Lanair’s entitre approach to digital marketing. To help them stay the industry leader we implemented a cloud-based marketing automation platform to identify and qualify leads based on their online actions.

Online Marketing

With an improved website and online marketing strategy, Lanair has set the foundation to remain the industry leader for years to come. To do this we strategized and implemented a holistic approach to SEO and Paid Advertising for their manufacturing company. With continous monthly improvements the ad campaigns are producing the highest Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) in their history and organic traffic has hit all time highs with consistent year of year growth.