Mec Outdoors Magazine Ad Series


MEC Outdoors (Mayville Engineering Company) manufactures shotshell reloaders from their factory in Mayville, Wisconsin. They launched a new product called the Marksman Reloader and asked Foremost Media to design a series of print ads to promote it.

Matching Ads to Catalog

Our primary goal in creating the ads was to match the client’s existing branding. Taking inspiration from the product catalog we designed around the same time, we developed a series of ads that matched the look and feel of the catalog. Several different designs were created for use in multiple publications.

Focus on Imagery & Reputation

The ads we designed incorporated the familiar MEC Outdoors logo and color scheme and focused heavily on imagery. There was little content other than contact information and a link to the website; we let the client’s outstanding reputation do the talking instead.


This series of ads successfully introduced MEC Outdoors’ new product while maintaining corporate branding.  

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