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Devoted Creations Case Study

  • Devoted Creations | Health & Beauty Products
  • Website Redesign
  • Organic traffic increased 29% and homepage views increased from 10,000 to almost 115,000 in one year, and all original website traffic was reclaimed after redirects were implemented.


Devoted Creations manufactures high quality tanning products for tanning salons throughout the United States and Europe. They have been in business since 2003 and design, develop, test, manufacture, label, and bottle all products in-house using the finest and freshest ingredients available.

The Challenge

Following an in-house website redesign launched in October 2014, Devoted Creations experienced a near-total loss in website traffic and contacted Foremost Media for help.

The Solution

Foremost Media conducted an analysis of the website structure, its traffic history, and other SEO factors such as backlink quality. We determined the website traffic was lost due to nonexistent page redirects from the old website structure to the new design. To reclaim lost traffic, we compiled a list of redirects using website history and archived online files.

Additionally, we focused on keyword research and optimization by concentrating on medium tail phrases like “tanning skincare,” “indoor tanning lotions,” “tanning bed lotion,” and “tanning lotions for tanning beds.” An aggressive backlink and citation strategy was used to complement this approach.

The Results

Once the redirects were implemented on October 31, 2014, traffic levels immediately returned to their previous levels. Organic traffic increased 29% over the previous year following the new website launch, and homepage views increased from 10,000 to nearly 115,000 over the same one-year period.


Devoted Creations quickly regained all website traffic lost to nonexistent page redirects and saw significant increases in traffic as a result of SEO optimization.

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